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  1. Where is tha packing list which is spoke of !

  1. Pat, the packing list is not currently on the site. It gets re-posted every now and then as one of the weekly articles, so keep an eye out and save it to your computer next time it comes through.

  2. I need it, too. 10 days + in Europe with a carryon!

  3. Google it and you can find many on line that will be helpful.

  4. Look at Rick Steve's website. There are a lot of suggestions there.

  5. Psst -- for those of you who were asking, MSP just reposted her packing list!

  6. I see the packing link on the website when I log in, but I cannot access the list...any suggestions?

  7. Laurie, are you subscribed to MSP's Personal Profile? If so, are you doing the following? Click on My Account (pink button in top right corner), click on "My Personal Profile and Style Articles" (blue link in middle of page), and scroll down to the May 4 article. It should open in Adobe Acrobat, like all the other articles in that list. If you're still having problems, look down at the bottom of the page and click on "Contact Us" to reach MSP's team. They'd be happy to help!

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