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  1. I'm starting a new thread because we were on page 2! Today's outfit is an old standby: navy slacks, light taupe wrap-style top over a navy cami, red flats, and a multi-stranded, multicoloured necklace.

  1. Good morning! Sandy, great idea on the necklace. I have one that does the same thing and I've had to stop wearing it. I'll try the tape and see if that works. Both your outfits look great. Love the flats you're wearing. Wonderer, polka-dots are so great, it gives a really fresh look to. I like your choice of a dark shell under a lighter top. I usually go the opposite. Might be something to try. Yesterday I wore black pull-on pants, black hose, and a white blouse with black polka-dots and black patent-leather alligator loafers. I wore a necklace made up of different embroidered threads all joined together. Jewelery was my dolphin earrings, opal ring and wedding rings. Today was a rush out the door day, so I put on chocolate brown pants, a turquoise polo shirt, and burgundy loafers. Jewelry is simple gold loop earrings, amber ring and my wedding rings. I was going to wear a red polo shirt, but found a spot and had to change. I've never paired brown and turquoise together but it looks good.

  2. Sandy, I like the contrast between your outfits -- one is much more pastel and the other is more dramatic. And thank you for noticing! :-) I've been around (both the forums and the subscription) long enough to know the answers, and I'm happy to share them since I know there's no one "official" checking the forums on a regular basis. Renee, I usually go the opposite way as well. Love brown and turquoise together...well done! Today we have spring weather (50 degrees, huzzah!) so I pulled out one of my favourite "spring but still chilly" tops, a pastel yellow sweater with a deep scoop neck and snug elbow-length sleeves. Medium grey slacks, red flats, a s/s white button-down underneath the sweater, and a mint statement necklace.

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