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  1. I'm starting a new thread because we were on page 2! Today's outfit is an old standby: navy slacks, light taupe wrap-style top over a navy cami, red flats, and a multi-stranded, multicoloured necklace.

  1. It's bad weather today. Rain, rain, rain, and tornado watch. I chose gray pull-on pants, a cranberry polo shirt, and black loafers. Jewelry is small gold loop earrings, ruby ring and wedding rings.

  2. Speaking of old standbys, all of my outfits are pretty much repeats of what I have already posted. This is my standby: dress, leggings, short boots, jacket (or cardigan), necklace (or scarf or very occasionally pin). I did like the combination though, so I wore it two days in a row! For a gathering to celebrate my mom's birthday on Sunday and back to work after a week long break on Monday. We have had some nice sunny days and I wish the same for you both soon!


  3. The storm passed through and it's turned cold and windy. I'm wearing black pull-on pants, black lace-trimmed shell, a 3/4 length sleeve dark green shirt with black and green stripes, and black loafers. Jewelry is green flower earrings, a green butterfly necklace, opal ring and wedding rings. Sandy, it's great to have an outfit that's ready to go and looks great.

  4. Renee, glad you came through the storm okay! Gray and cranberry is one of my favourite colour combinations, and your green and black outfit sounds very put-together. Sandy, oh, don't worry, I repeat outfits all the time, too! I just try not to wear the same combination twice in a row -- for example, last time I wore the plaid dress I mentioned on the last thread, I paired it with a blue denim blazer and a different necklace. Though I will regularly wear an outfit on casual Friday at work and again on Saturday or Sunday. :-) Today's outfit: dark grey dressy bootcut denims, an ombre grey cowl-neck sweater, red flats for a pop of colour, and a thin gold necklace.

  5. It's still chilly, but the sun is shining and the wind has died down. Today I'm wearing dark rinse jeans, a light blue cable-knit sweater and blue moccasin loafers. Jewelry is a dark blue bead necklace and matching earrings (I haven't worn the earrings in ages), turquoise ring and wedding rings. I also tend to wear the same things, since my wardrobe is not extensive. I am trying different looks with jewelry or scarves.

  6. Jewelry and scarves are exactly the right way to add variety and have a little fun! Today's outfit: an above-the-knee grey skirt, black leggings (to make the length work-appropriate), black booties, a blue crew-neck sweater with a B&W patterned button-down underneath, and a long asymmetrical necklace. If anyone's counting, I wore this exact outfit -- minus the button-down shirt -- three weeks ago on a workday, and again that weekend, but not since then. ;-) I find it helpful to keep my own list of what I wore, with notes on outfits that worked particularly well (or didn't) -- it's easier to think up variations when you can see the different ways you already wore something. Mind you, this month I've been forgetting to update the list...will have to go back through these threads to find out what I've been wearing!

  7. Agreed on the use of jewelry and scarves for variety with a limited number of items Rene. Wonderer, I also keep track of what I wore, although taking photos has been enlightening. Here are some outfits for the last couple days. There is even proof that I have more than three pair of shoes - it was warm enough to wear a pair of my warm-weather shoes today.


  8. I'm off today, so I'm just wearing old pants and a t-shirt. But tonight will be a different matter. Chorale performance. I'll be wearing a long black skirt, black blouse with a draped neckline and 3/4 length sleeves, black hose, and black comfortable (a must) shoes. For jewelry, I'll wear pearls - necklace, earrings, ring, and my wedding rings.

  9. Sandy, I love that black-and-white top, and it goes great with the blazer, too! Renee, hope the performance goes well (should I say "break a leg" or "good luck"?). Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, red flats, knit top in two different greys and black, red skinny belt, and silver "pearls" necklace. The necklace is competing with the neckline (a small cowl neckline) so I'd pick a different one next time. Also had on my long grey wool cardigan, but it's too warm in the office for that. Happy weekend!

  10. Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. The concerts went very well, but I'm beat. It's a nice day with temps in the low 60s. I chose navy blue pull-on pants and a top with a tropical leaf pattern in shades of turquoise, blue, white, and tan. I added a celestial blue cardigan sweater which really highlights the blues in the top. Blue pearl loafers, turquoise earrings and ring and wedding rings.

  11. Renee, sounds like a style winner today! I'm wearing dark grey dressy denims, black booties, purple chiffon button-down (with a matching cami underneath), long grey/charcoal/black cardi, and a twisted metallic statement necklace. I'm aiming for "office meets artsy". :-)

  12. And today: navy slacks, black booties, eggplant sweater with foldover collar, and a thin gold necklace.

  13. I need some new tops!! Tired of wearing the same ones. I may hit the thrift shop and see if there's anything. Today, I went more casual. Black pants, cranberry polo shirt and black loafers. Jewelry - loop and ball gold earrings, opal ring, and wedding rings.

  14. Sometimes my messages just disappear when I am typing in the code which is so frustrating along with the sideways photos. Anyway, here is an abridged take two. Renee, your concert outfit sounds gorgeous and I am all about comfortable shoes because if your feet hurt, what's the point? Wonderer, I love your description of the "office meets artsy" outfit. I love thrift stores and just bought a denim button up there because it is not my style but the Music Boosters I belong to are dressing up as Rosie the Riveter for an upcoming USO-style fundraiser. If I get the chance I'll post a (sideways) picture. The first of my three photos is a weekend outfit including a blue t-shirt, necklace, olive jacket, grey pants and short boots. Next is my often-worn green dress and purple leggings with a scarf and flats. Today I wore two new items from Costco: olive ankle-pants and a print blouse, with a black t-shirt, necklace and flats.


  15. Going through my closet to get rid of things and I found a blouse that I can wear as a short-sleeved jacket. It's a deep red and will look great with a shell. It's amazing what gets shoved back in the closet and forgotten. Today I'm wearing chocolate brown pants, navy blue polo shirt and burgundy loafers. Jewelry is blue ball earrings, amber ring and wedding rings. Sandy, love the necklace with the blue. Looks great.

  16. I'm with you ladies on the shoes! Sandy, sounds like a fun event. Ankle pants, wow! I can only dream of that from here in the Great White North. Renee, shopping in your closet, well done! I'm wearing grey slacks, chocolate brown turtleneck sweater, a long triple strand of faux pearls, and red flats for a pop of colour.

  17. It's a good thing I'm finding some things, but the budget just got tighter and there is no money for clothes. Wish I could drop 20 pounds overnight. I'd have a whole new wardrobe ready to go. (Sigh.) The weather can't make up it's mind what to do today. I'm wearing navy blue pants, a 3/4-length sleeve striped (yes, I said striped) blouse in bands of navy blue, turquoise, and white. Blue moccasin loafers (so comfortable), two-toned blue glass earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings.

  18. Renee, sorry to hear about your budget woes! Sounds like you're doing well with the closet shopping and capsule dressing. Love the sound of your striped blouse. I'm wearing a plaid pencil skirt (black/grey/cobalt), black leggings and booties, a crew-neck merino sweater (cream with black polka dots), a black/clear statement necklace, and a long grey sweater over top of everything.

  19. ...and today: dark-wash skinny jeans, red flats, cream chunky cable-knit sweater (with a dark cami underneath to bring out the cables), and a long metallic leaf necklace. Happy Friday, all!

  20. Renee, using a blouse from your closet as a jacket is a fabulous idea. I ended up liking my denim button-down from the thrift store and may end up using it in the same way. I appreciate your compliment about the necklace I was wearing. I like the way it looks too, but there is a wire near the clasp that scratches the back of my neck and makes me crabby. I ended up wrapping it with cellophane tape for the protection of those around me! It's cold again here and rainy too, Wonderer, so your choice of a merino sweater sounds fantastic. You are so helpful to people here on the forums. I don't know where you get all your info, but it is very kind of you to respond to people with questions. Here are a couple recent photos. Tan pants, aqua t-shirt, linen jacket, necklace and flats in the first one and grey pants, patterned top, necklace, grey cardigan and short boots in the second.


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