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  1. I am a type 3 and still don't know what to wear. I am 5 feet and weigh 180 so I am grossly overweight. Where would I get some tips. I look like an apple ready to blow up

  1. Hi Pat! I have a few questions for you. By type 3 do you mean type C (cute curves) or type E (elegant stature)? Are you signed up for MSP's Personal Profile System? Finally: even if you're much heavier than you'd like, I promise you can still learn to dress in a way that makes you feel good about your body -- you deserve it! Best wishes.

  2. Hi! What I found to be initially helpful when I first joined was the weekly posted "Personal Profile Shopping Guide" (posted under each of our accounts). This guide always includes the basic flattering recommendations for your figure type, for each type of clothing (tops, pants, jackets, dresses, accessories). Read the helpful tips in the "Guide" for this week. MSP's advice is excellent and those tips will get you started on choosing what styles look best on you. All the other weekly articles are a more focused look at various style topics, and help us to develop our individual fashion approach and creativity. :-)

  3. Type E And I can't find the E book I bought a few weeks ago

  4. Was it emailed to you, Pat? And have you tried Carol's recommendation? That's where I would start if I were you!

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