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  1. MSP, I've been reading your guidelines for how jeans should fit for many years but can't find any that fit correctly. If the hips fit, the waist is too tight and the bottom and legs are way too big, except for the calves that are tight. Any suggestions? From a petite B

  1. Make friends with a tailor. Seriously, off the rack isn't going to fit everyone. Buy large enough to fit over your hips, waist and calves; have the tailor take in the legs and bottom. I'm also a B, and pretty much every pair of pants I have, including jeans, has been tailored. (small waist/hourglass/long torso even though I'm tall so I end up getting them hemmed).

  2. I am an E, (well, rather a V since my shoulders are broader than my hips) but I found my solution in shopping in the "teens" section. A size 13 or 15 will fit on the waist, the hips and thighs.

  3. No jeans fit me either. I'm a tall, leggy, short waisted, apple shaped B, with a big tummy. Thank goodness the low rise trend is going away! Any jeans that I have had, I have had to put in a LOT of shopping time, which I don't like. But here is a tip. Head to Nordstrom on a weekday, daytime when you have plenty of time and patience. Find someone who is willing to work with you on demins. they have a large selection and the staff is very knowledgeable about how the different brands fit differently. When I went, the girl ran jeans for me for an HOUR and helped me with each pair, refining as we went. Yes, they are expensive, but I love jeans and cost per wear is how I have to think of it.I went home with TWO pairs of jeans that I have worn for years. I actually cried when I got home with my precious jeans. Good luck. Jeans are the backbone of my casual wardrobe. Its about time for me to go replace the ones Im talking about.

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