What I Am Wearing Today!

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  1. Starting a new thread because we were on page 2. Renee, your colour combo from yesterday sounds very chic! Today I'm wearing an above-the-knee grey skirt, black leggings (to make the length work-appropriate), black booties, a blue crew-neck sweater, and a long asymmetrical necklace. New outfit! The sweater is on the looser, more drapey side, so I've worn it several times with skinny jeans but hadn't figured out how to pair it with a skirt. I think it works (untucked) with this shorter skirt length...would also like to try it with a couple of patterned skirts I have. One is a snug, stretchy pencil skirt and the other is a swingy skirt that hits above the knee.

  1. Good morning! I do wish this weather would make up its mind. Warm enough for short sleeves over the past few days, but will turn colder mid-week. And people wonder why we're all getting sick!? Yesterday, since it was warm, I wore gray pants, black lace-trimmed shell, and a multi-colored short sleeve blouse in shades of blue and green. I added gray compression hose and black patent-leather alligator loafers. I kept the jewelry simple with green glass flower earrings, an opal ring and my wedding rings. Today it's blue. Navy blue pull-on pants (I need to get some more of these), a short-sleeve navy blue top patterned with flowers in various shades of blue, white and lavender, and pearl-blue loafers. Again, jewelry is simple, glass earrings in two shades of blue, turquoise ring and my wedding rings. Renee

  2. Renee, we're having the same ups and downs, except colder -- it was 50 F (11 C) on Saturday and we were all thrilled! Snow or rain due to hit Wednesday, yuck. Today's outfit: plaid sheath dress in dark green/dark blue/black, with charcoal leggings, black booties, long grey/charcoal/black cardigan, and a twisted metallic necklace. I'm mixing casual (the leggings, cardigan, and booties) with fancy (the dress and necklace), and I think it worked well.

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