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  1. Starting a new thread because we were on page 2. Renee, your colour combo from yesterday sounds very chic! Today I'm wearing an above-the-knee grey skirt, black leggings (to make the length work-appropriate), black booties, a blue crew-neck sweater, and a long asymmetrical necklace. New outfit! The sweater is on the looser, more drapey side, so I've worn it several times with skinny jeans but hadn't figured out how to pair it with a skirt. I think it works (untucked) with this shorter skirt length...would also like to try it with a couple of patterned skirts I have. One is a snug, stretchy pencil skirt and the other is a swingy skirt that hits above the knee.

  1. It turned cold again, with a wind that cuts right through. Today - chocolate brown pull-on pants,a navy blue cable knit sweater and burgundy loafers. I added a cut-stone necklace in graded shades of blue in a silver setting, silver tear-drop tone-on-tone earrings, am amber ring and my wedding rings.

  2. So all of us are wearing sweaters, a sign of the season! Mine is blue and paired with two long necklaces, tan pants and short brown boots. Today I have on my new jacket, a berry-colored top, and a silver necklace with my grey pants and grey shoes. It has been windy so I've been sticking with pants although I always wear leggings under my dresses, I just don't want to deal with them blowing around.


  3. Happy Friday, ladies! Hope you all stay warm. I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans, red flats, a red shell, a long cardigan in light grey and charcoal with black trim, and a black-and-clear statement necklace. I am going away over the weekend and will be travelling with my husband and brother, two VERY light packers...wish me luck on putting together a minimal travel capsule tonight!

  4. Good morning everyone! It's cold again, so I chose royal blue pants, a white cable-knit sweater (forgot I had it) and blue moccasin loafers. Jewelry is a fun necklace made up of green, blue, red, yellow and gold in different shapes, gold loop and ball earrings, an opal ring and my wedding ring. Renee

  5. Sounds lovely, Renee! I'm wearing my dark grey dressy denims, red flats, and a chocolate-brown turtleneck sweater, with a faux diamond statement necklace. For the weekend (2 nights) I brought/wore: winter boots, black flats, 1 pair of skinny jeans, 1 short grey skirt, a wine-coloured lace fit-and-flare dress (v neckline, see-through elbow-length sleeves, short flared skirt), charcoal leggings, a blue crew-neck sweater, a drapey purple chiffon blouse with matching cami, and 2 necklaces. (Plus winter outerwear, of course.) That made 3 outfits for daytime and 1 for fancy evening outings. :-)

  6. Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Laissez les bon temps roulez (let the good times roll). I'm off today, so I'm getting things done around the house. Good thing no one will see me since I'm in my work clothes. It's great to have a day off in the middle of the week. Renee

  7. And to you, Renee! I'm wearing navy slacks, black booties, an eggplant sweater with foldover collar, and a thin gold necklace.

  8. Wonderer, love the colors. I'll bet the gold necklace looked great against the sweater. Cold again today, so I chose chocolate brown pants, green cable knit sweater and burgundy loafers. Jewelry is the multi-colored crystal necklace, gold ball and loop earrings, amber ring and wedding rings.

  9. A couple quick photos from this week, then it's off to bed for me! Good night all. :)


  10. Good morning! Sandy, I love the blue sweater! And the scarf really brings everything together. You go! Not as cold today, so I'm wearing black pull-on pants and a fuchia (sp?) long-sleeved knit top. Black loafers and for jewelry I went with a silver tree-of-life necklace, gold loop earrings, an amber ring and wedding rings. I'm actually mixing up silver and gold jewelry. Have a great day. Renee

  11. I'm with Renee, that scarf really makes the outfit! I haven't mastered that trick yet -- I use scarves as decorative outerwear, and they tend to be in single colours. Renee, hurrah for taking a style "risk"...bet it looks great! Today's outfit: dark grey slacks, black booties, purple chiffon blouse (tucked in) with matching cami, and a long faux gold chain with dangly bits. Also had a long grey sweater on this morning, but it's sunny out (though cold) and therefore warm in the office. I'm away again this weekend starting tomorrow, so see you all next week!

  12. Thanks ladies! I had considered not posting the blue cardigan photo because seeing it through a camera lens I thought it looked a bit 'hippie' although I felt good in it at work. Happy travels Wonderer, and good strategy mixing the gold and silver jewelry Rene, matchy-matchy is not the current style and mixing it up adds more interest and options. I recently wore a pinkish-orangish necklace with my magenta top and brown cardigan and I liked how they looked together.


  13. Here's my weekend casual outfit worn to pull weeds, do housework and sort through paperwork. I never left the house. The outfit is in need of a necklace or something, but comfort was the main goal for today!


  14. My Valentine's outfit: purple drape neck top, grey cardigan and pants, short brown boots and a PIN! A necklace or a scarf wasn't going to work with the drape neck so I selected a pin to accessorize my outfit today and it really did make my almost typical outfit into something special. We went out to see Star Wars and I was glad to see the heroine wearing low heeled boots similar to mine!


  15. Good morning everyone! Sandy, the pin is a great accent. Your weekend work outfit looks a lot better than mine. (t-shirt, old pants, and beat-up loafers.) The weather today is going to be rainy but not cold. So I chose gray pull-on pants, white flowered top in shades of black, gray and taupe. Black loafers; jewelry necklace with multi-colored beads in the same shade as the top, gold dangle earrings with black/brown glass ovals, amber ring and my wedding rings. Renee

  16. Sandy, Star Wars for a V-Day date? That sounds right up my alley! Good thinking on the pin, and I love the magenta and brown combo...talk about a pop of colour. Renee, you sound very put-together -- well done. It was very cold over the weekend; now it's much warmer but snowy. Today's outfit: navy slacks, red flats, cream crew-neck sweater with black polka dots, and a long metallic leaf necklace.

  17. And today: heathered grey dress, charcoal leggings, black booties, cobalt-blue v-neck cardi, black mid-width belt, and a faux diamond statement necklace.

  18. Today is a casual workday since I'm doing a lot of moving around. So I chose dark rinse jeans and a royal blue polo shirt with the church logo. Comfortable blue moccasin loafers, small gold loop earrings, turquoise ring and my wedding rings.

  19. Sounds like a busy day! I'm wearing a short skirt with a grey-on-grey plaid pattern, with black leggings and booties to make it work-appropriate; purple chiffon blouse with a matching sweater-vest; long grey/charcoal/black cardigan; and a triple strand of faux pearls.

  20. And today: going monochromatic and easy with dark-wash skinny jeans and blue crew-neck merino sweater. Red flats for a pop of colour, and a long faux gold necklace to finish off. Happy Friday, ladies!

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