Bra help for C, please!

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  1. Last week I found a bra that actually fit, but then I woke up. I have a very small rib cage and wide-set breasts, so I have never had a bra that fits. 34A bras fit for a day, then I'm left on the last hook with a gap between bra and chest. I've tried ordering 32B, but the cups are at the front and I spill out the sides, plus the band causes bulges. Is there a bra anywhere that will fit me? Also, I'm in college and a newly wed, so money is tight.

  1. Honestly, I'd suggest searching for a local store that specializes in bra fitting. Their products may be a bit pricier than some department stores, but it can be well worth it. Fittings are often free, but there are a couple of stores in my moderately small shops that charge, then deduct the charge from your first purchase. The cost of a higher-end bra and expert fitting could end up costing you less than buying a series of bras that don't fit.They may also help to refer you to brands and styles that will suit your budget. If a specialty shop is not an option, most department stores will do fittings for free and may or may not be able to help you find the right bra in your budget. I wish you the best in your search. I know it can be ridiculously difficult to find a bra that fits.

  2. Hi Janae - I totally understand where you are coming from! None, and I mean none, of the department store bras fit me properly. I went from buying 36C in the department store to a 32D when I got properly fitted at a specialty store (and that size doesn't exist at the department store). Yes, the bras cost a lot but I would give up buying 5 tops or 2 pairs of jeans for one great fitting bra - it makes such a difference in everything you wear. Once you know your size and find a brand that works, maybe there is opportunity to order online for less? Good luck and all the best!

  3. Another C with narrow rib cage here! The best bra I've found is a Calvin Klein half-cup style that converts to strapless. I wear a 32D and am able to find it in the department store here (Canada -- Hudson's Bay). Good luck!

  4. Have you tried Soma? I was measured and the lady brought me so many different styles to try on. They are a bit more expensive, but I found a style that fits me great!

  5. Another small rib cage here. A few years ago, I got fitted in a specialy store. They found me the correct cup size and spacing, (smallish cup size, but covering a large-ish chest surface area). This meant the band size was too large, but they then shortened the circumference of the band by an inch so I could start on the furthest hooks and move into the middle and closest hooks over time. To save money, you could probably make this alteration on your own by hand stitching if you don't have a sewing machine. Could try it on a bra you already have to see if it works for you.

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