What am I wearing Today?

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  1. A new week and a new thread since we were well down on page 2! Post what you are wearing today. Ask for advice, brag about your favourite outfits and chat. A safe and friendly place to keep yourself on track and build your style in a supportive environment.

  1. Yes, that's tricky. I've gone back to crew necklines sometimes, but I always pair them with a long necklace or a statement necklace that sits lower than the neckline. I often wear drape necks and cowl necks. Renee, sounds like a good call with the brighter jewelry. Today's outfit is similar to yesterday's: navy slacks, red flats, dark red v-neck cardi over a black-and-white patterned button-down, and a faux gold necklace. It's unseasonably warm out (13 C / 55 F -- unheard-of for February!) but cloudy, so I had no idea what the temperature in the office would be. Turns out it's a bit chilly...oh well, that's why I keep a wrap on the back of my chair!

  2. Woke up late this morning, so I'm glad I had an outfit ready to go. Gray pants, a white long-sleeved blouse and black loafers. I added a flowered scarf in shades of rose and maroon. Looks great against the white. Jewelry is simple, dolphin earrings, an opal ring and my wedding rings. I like crew necklines as well as cowl or drape necks. No turtle-necks or v-necks for me. The weather is turning colder, so it will be a sweater tomorrow. Renee

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