What am I wearing Today?

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  1. A new week and a new thread since we were well down on page 2! Post what you are wearing today. Ask for advice, brag about your favourite outfits and chat. A safe and friendly place to keep yourself on track and build your style in a supportive environment.

  1. Happy Monday Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend, whether working or enjoying home, family and friends. I was a weekend warrior so I feel a little stiff and sore this morning. I have a team workday and we all agreed to go casual, they also decided we would meet at my house. That will explain the footwear? What do you wear when you are home? We do not wear outdoor shoes inside so I have a couple pairs of inside shoes but mostly wear moccasins or slippers. The picture is a bit dark, I forgot to turn on the extra light. I am wearing my winter uniform! I wanted to keep my neck warm but a turtleneck isn't the most flattering so I added the funky statement necklace.


  2. Good morning everyone! Catherine, you look great. Love the color of the sweater, and the necklace is just the right touch. It's still cold, but not as bad as this weekend. I chose chocolate brown pants, forest green cable-knit sweater and burgundy loafers. (Compression hose are a part of my life so I'm usually wearing the natural shade.) Jewelry is the multi-colored crystal necklace, simple gold earrings, an opal ring and wedding rings.

  3. Looks cheery, Catherine! Renee, sounds like a great colour combo. It's socks and (in the winter) slippers at my house, too. I'm a little sore, too...you know you had a good weekend when that happens! I'm wearing a wine-coloured lace fit-and-flare dress, patterned leggings in a matching shade, black booties, a medium-blue linen blazer for the "corporate" touch, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  4. Renee, green and brown a classic combo that always looks great. I like the idea of adding multi colour jewellery. Wonderer I wish you would post pictures, it would be easier to copy your outfits then! Loved the corporate touch! More meetings today, my purple pants are a bit casual for a Tuesday but honestly I will be sitting at a meeting table most of the day. I copied this outfit from pinterest, the difference was the person was wearing a purple pencil skirt. I am trying to do the white button down since most people consider it a wardrobe basic but I am not loving it. I am considering dying it to add just a tiny bit of colour.


  5. Catherine, haha, I'll see what I can do about the photos! Do you upload to the thread straight from your phone, or do you copy the photos to your computer first? I hear you on white button-downs -- I can't get the hang of them either. Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, black booties, purple chiffon blouse under a matching sweater-vest (bought years apart, it's amazing how close the colour is), long triple strand of faux pearls.

  6. Today I understand the value of taking pictures. I just snapped a really quick selfie while I waited for my turn in the bathroom! I looked at the picture and realized the outfit was not complete. The look was OK but really needed something. I added a black blazer and I think it looks better. Also a closer look at the boots, the bottom looks like oxfords or brogues (always get those two mixed up) then they decoratively tie up the front but zipper up the side. They are old and could benefit from a good cleaning but they are so comfy, I really want to get the rest of the winter out of them.


  7. Catherine, good observation! I agree, the outfit looks much more "finished" with the blazer. Today's outfit: navy slacks, red flats, taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cami, silver "pearl" necklace.

  8. Great photos Catherine! Like Wonderer, I don't care for white button up shirts either so I never wear them except one that I use as a jacket in the summer over tank tops. I like the addition of the black blazer as well and the boots are adorable. Here are my outfits from Monday and today, almost identical: dress, leggings, cardigan, scarf, boots! I didn't take a photo on Tuesday but I wore tan pants, grey shoes, a pink T-shirt and a floral cardigan accessorized with a necklace.


  9. Sandy we really are the cardigan club aren't we! Wonder glad to see the red flats in use! No picture today, I am at home working in preparation for an all day workshop tomorrow. Since I know I won't be called out for work I am keeping it pretty simple. Dark grey light weight sweater (see red sweater and this is the same only gray), grey leggings, marsala knit tunic (sleeveless with cowl neck) over the top. I have tomorrow's outfit picked out (very early start) Black velvet pants, cheeta print wrap top, long red cardigan with fringe on the bottom, small silver cross pendant necklace and diamond stud earrings, dressy black boots. I will then be leaving on vacation so I won't be seeing any of you until next month! Keep Smiling and looking awesome

  10. Sandy, you've definitely found your "uniform" (in a good way)! Catherine, safe travels! Today I'm wearing forest-green jeggings with black booties, crew-neck merino sweater (cream with black polka dots), long necklace with a skeleton key pendant, and I've just added an orange scarf to warm up my neck. Completely forgot that I had meant to wear a fringed cowl that my MIL gave me for Christmas, which I thought would go well with the sweater...next time, I guess.

  11. Bon voyage Catherine! The departure outfit sounds stunning. Wonderer, I love merino and that polka dot sweater seems so cute that you need to make the next time soon before the weather changes! Today is grey pants and shoes, black and white top (favorite thrift store find), blue cardigan and blue beaded long necklace.


  12. Sandy, winter here (Ontario) lasts into April, so no danger of it getting too warm anytime soon! Love the patterned top and the way you've styled it. Today's outfit: going preppy with dark-wash skinny jeans, red flats, blue wool crew-neck sweater with a B&W patterned button-down underneath (just the collar and the bottom few inches peeking out), and a long triple strand of faux pearls.

  13. Sounds adorable Wonderer! I would love to see Canada one day but I don't know if I could handle the cold weather. I feel pretty spoiled in California, weather-wise. Friday's school colors are featured in my outfit today: dotted dress in red black and white with boots and a necklace.


  14. I'm here! I'm here! I haven't posted in a looong time, but I've been reading regularly. This is what I wore out to eat last night (sports bar)...brown denim jacket, green sweater, scarf that looks great with these colors, dark wash jeans, brown booties, gold loop earrings...all great colors for me (autumn, C). Sounds like all of y'all are looking great!


  15. No I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Just kept forgetting to post. It's actually warm today, so I chose black ribbed pants, and a short-sleeved white top patterned in flowers in shades of taupe, gray and black and black loafers. For jewelry I chose a necklace with beads in the same colors as the top. I think someone gave me this necklace and I had completely forgotten about. In fact, I was going to get rid of it, and then thought of this top. It couldn't be more perfect if I had tried. Finished off with silver loop earrings, an amber ring and my wedding rings. Deanna, that scarf really sets off your outfit. Love the colors in it. Renee

  16. Welcome back, Deanna and Renee! Sounds like you're both doing beautifully with the coordinating. Sandy, you'll have to come visit in summertime -- we do have a few months of warm weather (or more than a few, depending on where in Canada). ;) Today's outfit: plaid sheath dress in green/blue/black, with charcoal leggings, black booties, a blue linen blazer (looks like medium-wash denim), and a twisted metallic necklace.

  17. Deanna and Renee are getting the accessories right - great job! Wonderer, your plaid sheath dress outfit sounds like a winner, and yes, if I get the chance to visit Canada it will be in summer. Strong wind today so grey pants and shoes (again) with multi-colored top, necklace, and a new jacket that I love - looks kinda like a blazer but is in cozy sweatshirt fleece! I wore it every day this past weekend.


  18. What a great jacket! Looks comfy and chic at the same time -- definitely a winner. Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, red flats, cobalt-blue v-neck cardigan over a white cami, faux gold-and-silver statement necklace, and a silver scarf to keep my neck warm.

  19. Sandy, that jacket really looks great, and you can dress it up or down. Wonderer, your cardigan sounds beautiful and probably looks great against the white. I wasn't sure about the weather today so I chose black pull-on pants, a lace-trimmed black shell, a dark green 3/4-length sleeve blouse with black stripes and black loafers. Since everything was so dark, I chose a necklace and earring set, black stones inlaid with shades of green, gold, and blue on a silver chain. Renee

  20. Rene and Wonderer, you both seem great at accessorizing with jewelry! My jacket came from the Eddie Bauer outlet and came in the olive I purchased plus a light grey. Today I am wearing my green dress with an ivory cardigan, necklace and brown boots. When I look at these photos, the necklines I wear always seem lower than how they look to me in the mirror. I try to choose modest necklines because I work with students (and even if I didn't . . . ). I am not a big fan of crew necklines, but maybe I should reconsider. I wish there was something in between a crew neckline and a plunging scoop neckline!


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