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  1. Starting a new thread because we were way down on page 2. Sandy, gorgeous combo! Your selfie stick is coming in handy...nice to see more photos on this thread. (Mind you, I shouldn't talk. I don't post photos either. ;-) ) Catherine, what a cute outfit. Renee, I'm with you on cable-knits, and your outfit sounds lovely...hurrah! I'm wearing dark grey dressy denims, red flats, a chocolate-brown turtleneck sweater, and a necklace of stones in various earth colours. My sister gave me the necklace a few years ago, and while I like it a lot, it's more her colours than mine, so I struggle to find tops I can wear it with. It would go nicely with my taupe wrap top, but the neckline doesn't work...grrr.

  1. I have a couple of cable knit sweaters, they do hide the extra padding that I am still working on! Renee happy boot shopping. My husband has suggested I need to go on a footwear diet. We have had a shoe/boot avalanche twice in the last week. I would like to blame the rack but I know its quantity. Perhaps it is time to start a purge. I was planning on taking a picture when i got home today but I forgot. The pants I had on yesterday, I had the black version on today, storm blue shell and long (to the knee) boyfriend style cardigan in blues/blacks and a touch of brown (summer colours all the way) I wore low blue boots with lots of straps and buckles. I wore a faux vintage diamond and pearl necklace, quite the statement and faux diamond stud earrings. I was working on combining casual and dressy together in the outfit. I had a 31 year old tell me that I was wearing a "super cute outfit" so I am going to guess it worked.

  2. Catherine, I used to have boots galore, but have to stick to ankle boots now. It was a little warmer today, and I didn't want to wear a sweater, so it was black ribbed pants and a white blouse with black polka dots. Gray-black hose and black loafers. I went a little different on jewelry with a necklace made of ribbon/threads in various shades of red, maroon, black, brown. It really looked good with the blouse. (If I could figure out how to post a picture I'd take one to show off the necklace.) Gold enamel half-moon drop earrings patterned with black and red. I received several compliments.

  3. Renee, that sounds gorgeous! To post a picture, click on "Add images" below the box you type in, then click on "Choose File". Then you can choose a photo from your computer folders. Catherine, well done! Today's outfit: plaid pencil skirt in cobalt blue/black/taupe, semi-opaque tights, ankle boots, cowl-neck sweater in ombre grey (tucked into the skirt), and a blue semiprecious stone pendant.

  4. Renee I would love to see the necklace, it sounds gorgeous. Thinking back over all our posts I think we should have a polka dot day. We all seem to have those in our wardrobes. What is it about polka dots that make me feel happy? Wonderer you are sounding super classy today. Today is still VERY cold and once again I hit a work space that was super heated and ended up removing layers, and I wasn't dressed that warm to start with. To go outside I had on "dressy" Sorels, coat length heavy red wool coat, tartan blanket scarf, black toque and black leather mittens. I snapped a selfie today but the light is funky. I have been getting tonnes of wear out of this winter white cardigan, the blouse is short sleeves and the beads are attached (not a separate necklace) This is a newer pair of dress pants, slim fit dress pants. They are amazingly comfy. I wore red shoes because I thought the outfit needed some colour but I think heels would have been better.


  5. Hi Wonderer, I have trouble matching necklace styles with various necklines too. I prefer round-necked tops and V-neck cardigans so that is what I mostly have. Catherine, I have a similar winter-white cardigan only with - you guessed it - a V-neck! It is a great cardigan and I have worn mine so much that it is hard to get it looking clean after the wash but I haven't found a replacement for it yet and like you said, it is an item that I get tons of wear out of because it goes with everything. Yesterday's outfit was my blue dress with leggings and short boots again but this time with a denim blazer and a scarf. Today I am wearing a teal and brown dress with a peacock blue cardigan and a teal necklace but for most of the day it was all covered by my olive raincoat!


  6. Today is my day off, but I have an appointment and then errands to run. I chose black pull-on pants, and a top that was lurking in my closet. It's patterned in shades of black, turquoise and white. Long sleeves and it's very comfortable. I haven't decided on jewelry yet, but I know I'll come up with something. Catherine, don't you just love wearing a red coat? I have a short red wool coat that I wear when it's really cold. I usually will add a pin on the color for a bit of bling. Sandy, both outfits look great. Wonderer, your outfit sounds so neat. I remember the cowl neck sweater from the '70s. (Ok, I'm dating myself). Might try to find one. Renee

  7. Sandy, I think we are trying to be twins. Look at the jacket I am wearing today! I love that you always add some bright colours to your outfits. Renee, red anything makes me happy my favourite colours are red and purple. Today I am working at home except with a lunch meeting, so its business casual (on Fridays that means jeans). I am walking to the meeting/restaurant so I will be wearing weather appropriate boots, function over fashion at the temps we have today. I saw a picture, probably on Pinterest of stacking vintage pearl necklaces. I have several from my husband's Grandmother so I decided I would try to copy that picture.


  8. Catherine, I could copy your outfit today! What search terms do you use on Pinterest for style inspiration? Renee, I love cowl necklines -- almost as cozy as turtlenecks, but they add some drama (in a good way). Sandy, I also have a v-neck cardigan that's...I guess more cream than winter white, with very thin gold stripes...but I struggle to find ways to wear it. How do you wear yours? It's casual Friday at the office today, so I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans, black riding boots, and a "Biscay Bay" heathered blue sweater. It's in a very basic crewneck style, so I added a long asymmetrical necklace. Happy Friday, all!

  9. Rene, it seems like you are very thoughtful in your jewelry choices. I think I remember seeing some photos you posted a while back and your thoughtfulness pays off in some great looks. I agree that we would find a lot of similarities in our closets Catherine and that's a good thing! Red and black are our school colors, so I often join in the school pride and wear them on Fridays, but neither is a color I feel great in. I do love the shade of red in the pictured blazer I found at a thrift store, worn with grey pants and a printed Buff scarf. Wonderer, I admit that I wear my winter white cardigan more often in the warm seasons, because it matches better with my summery fabrics, but I do love it with my grey or tan pants over a printed top. I am wearing one of my cardigans in my weekend casual look that is pictured but it can't be seen under my grey jacket. The grey jacket has been a favorite but it is wearing out so it only sees weekend or home wear these days, shown here with skinny jeans, boots and a scarf. By the way ladies, selfie sticks are on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for $6.99!


  10. Forgot to mention Catherine that your pearls really make the outfit with the blazer and button up shirt!

  11. Thanks Sandy! I love the colour of your blazer, it is a lovely red shade. Wonderer, on pinterest I search a huge variety of things. Sometimes I realize I haven't worn a piece of clothing for a while and type in for example denim jacket and sometimes I just want new ideas based on age (over 40) or where I am wearing them to (business casual fashion). I was starting to pack for an upcoming tropical vacation and ended up cleaning some shelves. I had forgotten I owned this sweater so decided to wear it today. The black pants actually have a pattern on them, black on black so in the picture they look solid black. I tried it first with a red shell under and then switched to the black. I love this necklace it was a Christmas gift.


  12. The cold weather is back! Yesterday, for church I wore black pants, a white blouse, black hose, and black patent-leather loafers. I chose a scarf in shades of black, brown, and white with gold thread running through it. I just tucked it under my collar and let it hang. For jewelry, gold tone-on-tone slim rectangle earrings, an amber ring and my wedding rings. Got a lot of compliments. Today, because of the cold, I'm wearing chocolate brown pants, a navy blue cable-knit sweater, and burgundy loafers. Had to change necklaces because of a knot in the chain (not time to untangle) so I'm wearing a silver harp (James Avery), an amber ring and my wedding rings. Running late so I forgot earrings. Catherine, what an unusual jacket, and it looks great. The necklace really gives the added touch. Sandy, red is a great color on me and the jacket looks great. Everyone have a great day. Renee

  13. Thanks, Renee, and the same to you! Sandy, you're getting to be quite adept with that selfie stick. Love the red blazer, and thanks for the advice on the cardigan. Catherine, tropical vacation, lucky you! Cold weather here too, but it's sunny and warm in the office. I'm glad I layered rather than wearing a giant sweater as I was tempted to do. Dark grey dressy denims, black booties, white button-down, dark purple sweater-vest, and a long gold chain with dangly bits. I had my favourite long wool cardigan on over top, but had to take it off when I got to my desk.

  14. Wonderer, I am glad you had to take off the cardigan the purple vest will be looking great front and centre! Renee aren't compliments wonderful, it makes you want to wear that outfit more often. When I looked at the picture I took today I realized that I really do have a winter uniform. Different colours but basically the same outfit. Found this cardigan when I was doing that closet tidying. I am embarrassed to say it still had the tags on it. Proof I need to go on a clothes diet! I love the colour and think I will wear well into spring. (long way off but I can dream). Today I am just trying to stay warm so the mock turtleneck fits the bill. You can also see my fit bit. I often wear bracelets on the same arm to hide it/ disguise it.


  15. Catherine, I may steal that sweater. Love the color! Another cold, but sunny day. Gray pants, a red cable-knit sweater and my comfortable black SAS loafers. Went with color on the jewelry with a multi-colored crystal necklace, red dangle earrings, a ruby ring and my wedding rings. I may switch to my yoga pants and walking shoes before going to Chorale rehearsal tonight. It's cold in the auditorium. I have several knit scarves so I'll grab one just in case.

  16. I agree with Renee, that's a great colour! Renee, I love grey and red together, and your necklace sounds gorgeous. I'm wearing forest-green skinny jeans, black booties, and a chunky cream cable-knit sweater over a chambray shirt. Added a black-and-clear statement necklace. I'm quite pleased with my efforts to add more colour and lighter neutrals (mainly cream) to my winter wardrobe -- they make me feel so much cheerier than my winter fallback, grey. It's also been unusually sunny this winter, which does wonders for my spirits!

  17. Looking and sounding great everyone! Catherine, I love both photos you posted. Rene, I'm with you on the knit scarves, they are a lifesaver in a cold room. Wonderer, your increased color and lighter neutrals sound like a great strategy that must be working since you feel cheery wearing them. My outfit will look like a repeat, because it includes elements from other outfits I've posted: Teal and brown print dress, brown cardigan, leggings, necklace, and I'm even wearing my tall boots instead of my standby short boots. I am trying to follow the spirit of the Project 333 idea, but I usually end up wearing about 40 different items each month (in various combinations). I do stick to my favorites so my choices will be on an obvious repeat each week but I am mostly okay with that. I change up the accessories (necklaces, scarves, sweaters and jackets) and to a lesser extent my shoes since I am on my feet a lot working at an elementary school.


  18. Sandy, well done! When you've got a combo that works, why not? I should count up my most-used items out of curiosity. Renee, I got inspired by your post from yesterday. Heathered grey knit dress and dark red v-neck cardi, accessorized with charcoal leggings and black booties, woven belt in various shades of tan, and faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  19. I'm paying more attention to what I wear, instead of always grabbing the first thing my hand falls on. It was a little warmer today, so I wore black pants, a white shell trimmed with lace, and a striped blouse in shades of green with touches of black and white. Black loafers and for jewelry a green crystal necklace, green crystal earrings, an opal ring and my wedding rings. Wonderer, red and grey look so great together. Sounds wonderful. Sandy, if you're a teacher, comfortable shoes are a must. I can remember my teachers wearing heels and being on their feet. I don't know how they did it.

  20. Yes Rene, I wonder how teachers and others that are on their feet a lot do it! I am kinda anti-heel actually, even though I used to wear them. Now I have a couple low (like one inch) pair that I never wear but have on hand just-in-case. Even on the occasional date with my husband when I might dress up a bit, I usually wear low or flat shoes since we like to stroll afterwards if we go out to eat. Plus we have an unpaved and right now muddy driveway so pointy heeled shoes are not a good choice. Most of the teachers and staff where I work wear 'sensible' shoes so I don't stand out as an oddball in that regard! Wonderer, it is a neat exercise to count up what are the items most worn each month. I've been doing that for a while now and that's how I know I wear my short boots and cardigans so much. My grey pants are my most worn of my options for separates bottoms. My cost of wear for those is approaching zero. Anyway, here's my outfit from today, a sunnier and warmer day than most lately but still muddy. I am wearing my tan pants, grey zip-up shoes, magenta round-necked top, floral scarf, and ivory cardigan - almost a spring outfit compared to the darker colors I've been wearing lately.


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