Statement Pieces

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  1. Most outfits are finished with statement pieces and look beautiful in picture. But what is a girl to do when she allergic to metal, and scarves don't flatter the body shape? I have a few longer necklaces I wear under my collar, but need suggestions for various opening shirts with no collars.

  1. I bought a cloth necklace. It's made up of different strands of woven pieces in various colors. I found mine in a crafts shop in Gatlinburg. Renee

  2. Hmmm. NO metal? A cloth necklace sounds gorgeous. Or how about beaded necklaces/bracelets with the beads strung on some form of string rather than metal chains? Or wood (I have a couple of wood pendants on string, and there are also wooden beads), or chunky glass pendants. You can often get necklaces like these at craft shows/booths. As for scarves, you may be able to wrap them a different way and change the emphasis -- for example, loop an infinity scarf around the neck so all the attention is brought up to your face, or let the ends hang straight down without wrapping even once.

  3. Ribbon necklaces are beautiful. I have seen them at many craft sales. I didn't buy them because I thought I would make myself some. I have seen them on Pinterest if you want to get some ideas. Bonus is you can adjust to the length you need.

  4. Ooh, that's a good idea. I forgot to suggest stone pendants, again with string rather than metal.

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