what to wear under my workout clothes

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  1. Hey SYSters! I am new to the gym scene. Just bought several slim fitting capris and yoga-style pants. But...my problem is my BUTT. What is the appropriate undergarment (panties?) to wear underneath. I don't like having VPLs and I'm not going with a thong. I have tried going without, but am not quite comfortable with that. Help!

  1. I like using shapewear such as the thigh length Jockey Slimmers micro seamfree.

  2. Wouldn't shapewear get especially hot and constricting under tight workout clothes? Will it allow me to move freely as I exercise? Instead of VPL, would the lines now be around my thighs?

  3. honestly I don't care if I have VPLs when I am at the gym but I do care about being comfortable. I wear what my hubbie calls granny panties that cover my entire butt and since they end where my body naturally curves if there are lines it is less obvious. They also don't tend to ride up during a workout.

  4. Right now, I don't tend to wear form-fitting workout clothes to workout. As for VPL my attitude is, I'm just there to workout, not to impress. I'll do the impressing after my shower. :) There are options, though. I know at least one manufacturer called Soma, has panties that don't have elastic and the leg opening, so no VPL. Another option might be, I think they're called boy cut panties. They're a tad longer than regular panties and don't have elastic around the hems. If you get some in fabric that's thin enough, they might not show through. I hope you're still looking at the suggestions.

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