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  1. Hi All. I need your input into my building a shoe wardrobe that will see me through the year. I currently have not enough shoes/boots and wondering what I need to round out my collection. I work in an office, usually wear pants/blouse and vest or jacket to work. I have 1 x black ankle boots, 2 x black pumps, 2 x coloured strappy low sandels. I usually wear navy blue, denim, grey and teal pants. Please help with inspiration. Marjorie (Australia)

  1. Hi Marjorie! I think I need a little more info. Are you looking for advice only about shoes for work, or in general? Are you in a climate where boots are necessary for warmth in winter, or just for style? (I realize it's summer in Australia...) What styles/cut of pants do you wear -- skinny, slim, straight, bootcut, flare? How formal is your office? Where are you feeling the lack -- are you looking for more types of shoes, or variations on the same kind you already have (such as colours or prints that will go with your wardrobe)?

  2. more questions, What colours do you like to wear for blouses/vests and jackets? Do you know your colour season? Upon reading your post my first thought was colour, the second thought was ballet flats and the third would be riding boots. Leopard print shoes are really in style here right now but I haven't found a pair I love. I love red shoes, I have ballet flats, mules, betty janes, sandals and tie up ankle boots in various shades of red. I have an overly large shoe collection, i admit!!

  3. Hi there :) I need some ideas for work shoes, I'm a librarian and our office is semi-formal. I usually wear straight cut pants/jeans, but also have slim cut jeans. I'm a summer in colouring and yes, need some boots for warmth in winter. At the moment my jackets are grey, beige and green (bright Irish green!!)I usually wear a white or very light coloured blouse, vests are sage, and purple. Ballet flats are looking good. I like the idea of animal print...:)

  4. How about oxfords (flat or heeled)? Animal-print flats would go great with your wardrobe. Look for ones that have some support built in, or add an insole, as some ballet flats are very thin-soled. If you wear mostly heels, though, you may need to buy pants the right length for flats (or pin them up). Other colours that might work: grey, black-and-white, any metallic finish, green.

  5. Wanderer, I always have a pair of insoles waiting for the new shoes, as I'm rather sensitive in the feet. :)I love the idea of oxfords, love laces and even brogues punching details. I was thinking of some low heeled boots in black leather or perhaps a dark tan.....? as well as some flats in both animal print (i have seen a zebra well as leopard)and some solid colours like grey marle, navy and red (love the spark is gives an outfit).

  6. Those ideas all sound great, Marjorie! :-)

  7. Brogues with chunky heels are very in this year. I don't' think you have Clarks shoes stores there but they are very comfortable work shoes.

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