What I am wearing today, New Years and beyond

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  1. Post what you are wearing today. Brag about your successes! Ask for advice on the things that just don't seem to work. Its fun to share it all!

  1. It's been a rainy and cold day. Not my favorite at all. I chose black pull-on pants, and a royal blue long-sleeve knit top. I wore black loafers and minimal jewelry. I was going to wear my black ankle boots, but they were literally disintegrating when I put them on. So into the trash they went. If I can get up the nerve I'll go shopping for a new pair. But I have trouble finding shoes because of my size (6 with a AA heel).

  2. Renee, you and my daughter (21 yrs old) should shoe shop together. She has the same shoe size! Stores don't bring in much that small for grown ups. Dreary weather for you but here it is sunny with a high of -9C (16F). I have a great selection of winter coats because below freezing temps are normally with us for 5 full months of the year with occasional days in about 4 more! Love the Canadian Prairies. Today I am wearing jeans (dark wash, boot cut), red shell with a black and (winter) white polka dot cardigan. Long silver necklace with a snowflake pendant. Black socks inside kitten heel booties. We are going out for a casual dinner after work and I won't have time to change, but I think this will do.

  3. It's still rainy and cold so I chose chocolate brown pull-on pants and a navy blue cable knit sweater and burgundy SAS loafers. For jewelry I'm wearing a cut stone necklace in varying shades of blue. Silver tear-drop dangle earrings, turquoise ring and my wedding rings. We're also going out for an early dinner so this will be good to wear.

  4. Good Morning, Happy New Year. Today I put on a pair of dress pants I haven't wore for a while. Apparently Christmas etc has been very good to me! So today I am wearing black dress pants (that are a little snug), black shell, marsala cardigan, brown black scarf wrapped twice around my neck. I am copying a look from pinterest. It needed a cream shell which I didn't have so I did black instead for a "slimmer" look. On my feet basic black slip on wedge heel shoe. Very excited that I don't have to wear big boots! We haven't had fresh snow for a bit so the sidewalks etc are clear. I have a couple pairs of basic black slip on dress shoes that I use as my winter shoes, I have treated them to repel moisture, salt etc. I only wear them when it is dry out anyway.

  5. Hello again ladies! Renee, I'm also a size 6 or 6 1/2 with a narrow heel, so I feel your pain. The ankle boots I bought in November, which fit my feet beautifully, are Rockport brand -- not cheap, but I bet they're on sale now (or will be soon). http://www.rockport.ca/total-motion-nea-buckle-chelsea/tm25wuneabucklechelsea.html Catherine, LOL, I know what you mean about Christmas...I ate so much chocolate! Back to work today. I'd planned to get a fancy flavoured coffee to ease the pain of Monday, but I've had so much sugar lately I didn't even feel like it, and just went with a plain one. It's cold but sunny here, and still almost no snow. I'm wearing my dark grey dressy denims and taupe wrap-style top, with red flats, navy cami, and silver "pearl" necklace. For this morning's public transit commute, I put on winter boots, leggings under my pants for extra warmth (I do have long undies but they're oooolllld), and a chunky brown sweater under my puffy winter jacket. I was toasty outside, and it's quite warm in the office so I've had to shed several layers!

  6. Cold today so I chose navy blue pants and a light blue cable knit sweater and pearl blue loafers. For jewelry I wore a silver cross with different colored stones, silver tear-drop dangle earrings, turquoise ring and my wedding rings. For church yesterday I wore charcoal gray pants with a brushed rose sweater and black Mary-Jane type shoes. I wore a long pearl necklace with pearl earrings and a pearl ring along with my wedding rings.

  7. Sounds pretty, Renee! Sunny again today, though cold this morning. I'm wearing my forest-green stretch jeans, ankle boots, purple chiffon blouse (with matching cami), long grey/charcoal cardi with black trim (a neutral piece to bring the two colours together!), and a faux gold statement necklace. Having a bit of trouble with jewellery and this neckline. It's a button-down that doesn't have buttons all the way up, so there's a small V at the top -- too small and narrow for a necklace worn underneath to show more than a bit. But the chiffon is so light that it doesn't really stay in place if I wear a necklace on top / tucked under the collar. A shorter necklace seems to be working a bit better than the longer one I've worn before.

  8. Wonderer, your outfit sounds striking. Yes, necklaces can be a real problem if they're not the right length. We're finally seeing the sun again. I felt like I was back in Germany with all the gray skies. Cold again, so I'm wearing black pull-on pants with a jade green sweater, and black SAS loafers. I went jewelry shopping in my drawer and found a pair of earrings my DH had given me. They're dangle gold open circle earrings with a dolphin. They look very delicate and I can't believe I had forgotten them. I finished it off with an opal ring and my wedding rings.

  9. Renee, shopping at home and discovering treasurers is always a delight. Wonderer, as always I lover your colours. It really helps brighten up the winter. This week I put together 5 outfits on Sunday to do the week. I took the time to review my schedule for each day and pick out appropriate outfits including accessories. So far so good. Today is royal blue pants (yep, them again, so comfy) with royal blue gingham button down and grey V neck sweater over the top tails hang out the bottom just a tiny bit. Very funky statement necklace of flowers and snowflakes wore under the collar. That's a different look for me. A complimentary floral ring and my wedding rings. Very plain diamond studs in my ears, there is enough happening everywhere else! I took a quick picture of my necklace, words could never explain this one! Not sure I would wear it with a patterned shirt again, that was a bit much! However I had compliments, I think wore the same way on a white button down would be better.


  10. the next outfit out of the closet is black velvet pants, black shell, royal blue cardigan that is a bit longer than most of the others. Accessories black and grey cheeta print scarf, diamond earrings again. Black riding boots on my feet. Still enjoying having pre picked outfits.

  11. Physical therapy this morning, so I picked something simple. Black ribbed pants, a magenta long-sleeve knit top and black loafers. Same jewelry as yesterday, dolphin earrings, opal ring and my wedding rings. I have handbells this evening so this outfit will comfortable all day.

  12. Catherine, pre-assembling outfits, so smart! Do you find that it's changing the feel of your mornings a lot? Renee, sounds like a comfy outfit for a busy day, and those earrings sound gorgeous. I'm wearing navy slacks, red flats, cream merino sweater with small black polka dots, and a mint statement necklace.

  13. Renee, my girlfriend has a small shoe size and shops the designer sample sales in her city. Most sample shoes are in small sizes, and she gets the most amazing high quality footwear for great pricing. Maybe this would be an option for you and Catherine's daughter.

  14. Today's outfit is an old favourite combo with my heather-grey wool dress, long grey chunky cardi, mid-width black belt, black-and-clear statement necklace. The "newer" parts are my black ankle boots and a new pair of textured maroon leggings. My older maroon leggings are more what I would call "footless tights" as they're a bit see-through. This pair is fully opaque (I think -- still not going to wear a short top and risk exposing my butt!!) and has a sort of cable pattern. I'm rocking leggings and skinny jeans this winter...too bad flares are coming back in! (Supposedly. Haven't seen much evidence of that on the people around me.) Also I'm realizing that my ankle boots are really meant for leggings...the opening at the ankle is too snug for even slim/skinny jeans but a bit loose for tights, but with the heavier weight of leggings, they fit perfectly.

  15. Today is a "blue" day. I chose navy blue pants, and a striped patterned 3/4-length sleeved top in varying shades of blue and turquoise with intermittent white stripes. Pearl blue loafers, and jewelry is blue glass earrings, turquoise ring and my wedding rings. Wonderer, I don't wear leggings, but I know they're warm. I actually prefer boot-cut pants to straight leg. The skinny leg pants don't look right on me.

  16. Good for you for realizing which kinds of pants do and don't work for you! I avoided skinny pants for a long time until this past year, when I finally figured out how to get them to work on my body type (C). Straight-leg pants don't flatter me at all, so it's either skinny or bootcut (or maybe flares -- haven't yet taken the plunge). As for leggings, I wear them mostly under skirts, treating them interchangeably with opaque or semi-opaque tights. (Leg coverings are essential for my climate at least half the year.) But my SIL gave me my first tunic-length sweater for Christmas and I kind of love it, so...more experimenting to come!

  17. Wonderer looking forward to your adventures with the tunic length sweater. Renee turquoise and blue is always so beautiful together, it makes me think of summer and tropical vacations. It took me a long time to get to skinny jeans but I like them now, just in time for them to go back out of style. I own nearly every leg style but lean toward the straight. I have to be careful with boot cut and flares because they make me shrink. It is a real balancing act. today I have two outfits to report on. I went to work to lead a workshop in denim blue dress pants, navy shell and cream long sweater with belt. On my feet were knee high moccasin style boots. I got to the room, which has a reputation for being cold, the thermostat had broken and the room was 26 C (79F) and climbing. We were going to be adding 14 people. I lead the workshop in the shell and sock feet. Since I got to come to my home office after that I have changed into grey jeans, jade green cable knit sweater, multi necklace. I have an evening meeting so I still need to look good. I am adding ankle booties that have a grey cuff.

  18. The black and white dress worn with a cardigan was my outfit for today and was also worn on New Years Eve (at home, husband had on-call fire duty). The blue dress worn with a scarf is new. Both are worn with grey leggings and short flat-heeled brown boots.


  19. Catherine, quick thinking for the workshop! Sandy, welcome to the thread -- both outfits look great! Today I'm wearing the tunic sweater I mentioned, a chunky medium-grey knit with a cowl neckline. Black leggings and black ankle boots. The sweater doesn't have any shape to it -- I think a more tailored tunic-length sweater would be dressier for the office. (But not one that's too slim-fitting all the way down, because I have a tendency to look pregnant...) Will keep a lookout for one if I get a chance to shop the January sales. Happy Friday, ladies!

  20. Hi Sandy, thanks for sharing your pictures. It is always fun to see what others are wearing. Wonderer how about a belt over the sweater to give it some shape? I am at home doing data analysis all day. So its comfy jeans and bulky green sweater, I look good enough to answer the door without embarrassment but that's about it.

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