How to know if you are changing a body shape? From B to C?

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  1. Hi guy's I am wondering if anyone else has had the situation where over time you have wondered if you have changed from a B to a C? It was 4 years ago I had my figure ID done, since then I have stopped breastfeeding (way smaller chest!) and lost more weight. All the other descriptors of a B I fit, bu was wondering what the go is for the C description? Can I ask what the girls as a C would say? After all, it could change the way I dress!! Many thanks, Lu

  1. You can definitely change body types. You had major changes in your life that would change the shape of your body. Many of us notice a change occurring as we age, others when they lose or gain weight for other reasons. I will leave it to other C's to describe their body type. Also remember some people fall in between two so you pick the one you are closer to.

  2. I'm a C! I'm curvy but "bottom-heavy" -- my hips, thighs, and butt are "generous" and several sizes larger than my torso. (I usually wear a medium on the bottom vs. small or even extra-small on top, depending on the cut.) I have a narrow rib cage and narrow shoulders, and a definite waist. My cup size is about average, but I feel like that's not the strongest indicator of body type. If you're wondering, you could get your body type re-checked by emailing MSP your measurements.

  3. Hi Girls, Thanks for your advice. Wonderer, I appreciate your detailed description, it gives me a guide as where I could fit best. Many thanks, Lu

  4. Hi, i ve seen your message and last week i asked MSP to know if i was still a B because i have more Weight and i have to change my wardrobe. I've received an email and i send back new pictures of me with my new measurments; Leslie said to me i am still a B but precised what i will have to "study". As I am still a member, it's free! thanks to Leslie! Veronique-France

  5. This thread is a year old, but the B vs C confusion in body type ID relates to my situation so I thought I would join in. Basically, I'm a mash-up of two types. I chose Type "C" when I joined because even though my hips are short, they are wide; my thighs are quite ample--while my bust is smallish (size 4-6, XS or S for tops but 8-10 or M for skirts or pants), and my waist (my best feature) is quite defined. Clothing the right size for my hips is usually too big in the waist. I changed my subscription to Type "B" when I realized that my shoulders are wide enough that they balance with my hips; I think it was my average (smaller?) size boobs that had me fooled in thinking I was a "C" instead of a "B". MSP's advice for "B" types seems more accurate for my figure. I do have a few figure/fashion conundrums, which, truth be told, I was unaware of until reading some of the style articles Lesley has written (THANK YOU, MSP) but I will write about them (and solutions I am trying) separately in a new topic.

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