Stylish walking shoes?

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  1. I am asking for suggested brands of stylish walking shoes to wear with shorts or even casual skirts. I want to replace my sneakers.

  1. I like Keen, Dansko and Born. To find them at a discount you coud try and, which I think is the Zappos outlet site.

  2. I personly like Ecco. They even manage to pull off sneaker-like shoes that look dressy. Usually their footwear is very comfortable, too.

  3. I like to travel, so comfortable walking shoes are a must. Actually, my most comfortable pair of walking shoes are a pair of knee-high Born boots with a 1" heel. I own lots of Clarks shoes too, and I find those to be very comfortable and longlasting. When I'm shopping however, I usually try to look for styles rather than a certain brand - ie kitten heels, skimmers, flats, wedges, etc. I don't know where you live and what kind of access you have to stores, but I usually just try to go to a DSW, TJ Maxx or someplace similar that has lots of options and try on everything that strikes my fancy! Good luck!

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