Tall tights?

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  1. I am on the taller side at 5'9. Too often I purchase tights that say they will fit my height, but throughout the day they start to slide down. Where can I buy tights that will truly fit a taller girl?

  1. I've found that JCPenney is good for their tights/hosiery, and they have reasonable prices. I'm 5'6" curvy B, with about a 31" inseam measurement. I find that I can buy up one size and that often helps with the length. However one size up tights are also a bit wider, so this trick probably won't work well if you have a slender build. Otherwise, perhaps there are online specialty shops for tall women that would offer tights.

  2. I have good luck at Nordstrom. Also buying one size up helps with height.

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