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  1. We were on page 2, so time to start a new thread. What are you all wearing? This morning I "went shopping" in my closet and combined things in a new way. Started with a simple heathered-grey wool dress that I've had for years and wear often in the winter (A-line shape, knee length, turtleneck, short sleeves), and added navy semi-opaque tights, black booties, a dark red v-neck cardi, a woven mid-width leather belt in various shades of tan and light brown, and a faux gold and silver statement necklace. Yay!

  1. That sounds fantastic, I bet you felt great all day. Yesterday was fun, inadvertently i ended up matching a coworker and my boss. It was cute, too bad the other staff didn't get the memo about the new uniform! I was wearing hounds tooth (black/grey)pencil skirt, black tights and knee high chunky heel black boots, dressy black tank, marsala cardigan. charcoal and multi coloured beaded necklace and black metal hoop earrings. Today, I am wearing black pants with black raised print on it (swirly kinda flowery) black and red striped sweater 3/4 length sleeves and a pearl trim on the V neck. Small diamond necklace and faux diamond hoops. Chunky cocktail ring on one hand wedding band etc on left. I put a bracelet on and took it off. What do you think if you wear a ring that is rather large should you skip the bracelet? It seemed it was a lot. I always have a watch on.

  2. Catherine, I could almost have duplicated your outfit from yesterday by digging in my closet! I don't tend to wear rings (besides my wedding ring) or bracelets, but I could see feeling like it's too much to have both. Maybe an understated bracelet if you have a bold ring, and vice versa? Today's outfit: dark grey bootcut denims, black flats, purple chiffon blouse, matching purple sweater-vest, long triple strand of faux pearls. I need to come up with another way to wear this blouse...it's kind of drapey, which I'm not used to. I'd planned to buy a menswear-style vest to wear over top but haven't found one. Also planned to wear it under blazers, sweaters, etc, but haven't done that yet either -- most of the things I could wear over top are quite dark and I'm worried that my Summer colouring will be overwhelmed. It's sunny today after a string of grey days...going to go out now and enjoy it!

  3. Today is our party at work -- offsite and with drinks and snacks, but held during the afternoon, so dressy but not too dressy. I'm in a wine-coloured fit-and-flare lace dress, with a matching cami to raise the V neckline to work-appropriate, and leggings that almost match (they're just a little more purple and less red). Added a long grey wool sweater, belted at the waist with a black mid-width belt, along with black ankle boots and a faux gold statement necklace. I think this outfit looks great AND it's nice and warm...will probably wear it again this holiday season!

  4. Wow where has the week gone, its Friday already. Wonderer, love the outfit for the party sounds classy but professional. Yesterday I did a Pinterest copy again. Royal blue pants (Nygard slims that I really love, so comfy), white with very dark navy hearts BD shirt, dark blue/black mens style suit blazer and black booties. Accessorized with long multi chain necklace and simple hoop earrings. I will definitely be doing this look again, it felt and looked good! Today, I have a full day of teleconferences so its a casual day. I am wearing my favourite skinny jeans, blank V neck LS Tshirt, long sweater vest with a navajo print and fringe in cream, stormy blue and purple (all the right summer colours to break up the black). Since I am working from home on the phone I am wearing moccasins and if I go out it will be winter boots, it is very icey today. have a great weekend.

  5. Sounds cute and comfy, Catherine! Still no snow here, which is unusual -- I was just looking through photos and noticed that we had a LOT of snow around Christmastime last year. Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, tan-and-pink runners (for the knee again), white s/s button-down, maroon open-weave sweater, and a pendant with a tall ship on it. Happy weekend!

  6. For Monday: dark grey dressy denims, red flats, cream crew-neck merino sweater with black polka dots, and stacked necklaces -- a shorter one with a small turquoise/silver pendant and a longer one with a skeleton key. On Saturday I went to my regular dance night and decided to wear a layered knee-length black skirt with a Christmassy top. It's a shell/tank in a sparkly red. I don't wear it often because it's not very warm (so...perfect for dancing!) and I usually don't have a dressy layer I can put on top. This year I have that long grey/charcoal/black sweater that will do the trick if I get a chance to wear the shell again.

  7. What a day! I started the day VERY Early (6am started work). I wore black dress pants, black wedge heel leather shoes, black and winter white polka dot wrap top. Pink/Blue/Black/Silver pendent necklace, silver hoop earrings. I looked fine for my morning meeting. I had a few hours between that one and the late afternoon fun so I came home an slopped my lunch down the front of my shirt so for the afternoon I changed the top to a black shell with a crew neck that has pearls and diamond beads sewn on it. I topped it with a brown and black tweed jacket, same pants and shoes they were untouched by lunch! Tonight, I am off to a Christmas party. I am wearing dark wash boot cut jeans, red V neck sweater and black and red scarf switched out my sensible shoes for black kitten heel booties. Wonderer love the dancing outfit, it sounds perfect, glad to see the red flats back in rotation!

  8. STARTED work at 6 AM and then had a party after work? Oh my. Hope you got to catch up on your sleep last night! Today: grey slacks, red flats again, B&W button-down blouse, cobalt v-neck cardi, faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  9. Just thinking that I could walk into my closet right now and put that exact outfit together without any work at all! Its a quiet day today, my son had his wisdom teeth out so I am being a Mom/nurse today. He had to be at the dentist at 8 am so I just put on the same sweater and jeans as I had on last night, only had them on for about 4 hours so why not. They are comfy and practical for the task of the day.

  10. Poor guy! I hope he heals quickly. Today's outfit: navy slacks, black flat ankle boots, eggplant sweater with fold-over collar, no jewellery except my wedding ring.

  11. Snowstorm, it is most certainly going to be a white christmas now! I am wearing dark purple pants, grays and black cowl neck tunic sweater with tie at the waist. Purple pendant necklace with beads that a friend made specifically for me. Plain hoop earrings. I am off to work shortly and will be wearing very practical black/gray snow boots and carrying shoes with me. I will be wearing a faux fur hat and scarf that matches the trim on my low hip purple coat.

  12. Still no snow here! Love the idea of purple pants...a coworker has some purple skinny jeans and they look fabulous. I'm wearing grey slacks, black ankle boots, white l/s button-down, purple sweater-vest, and a long faux gold chain necklace.

  13. And for Friday: dark-wash skinny jeans rolled up, ankle boots again, and a medium-blue crew-neck wool sweater (bought at J. Crew for 40% off!) with a long asymmetrical necklace. I had to go up a size on the sweater because the smaller size was too short in the torso and snug in the arms, so it's not quite the fitted look I was going for, but it's warm and cozy, and that's what counts! My boots are too snug at the ankle to wear even skinny jeans tucked in, but with tights they look a little loose, so I think they're meant for leggings. I already have a pair of eggplant purple leggings (fleece-lined!!) and just bought some black ones as well.

  14. The fleece lined leggings are heavenly! I have a black and a grey pair. Friday I wore a pair of black ones under a sweater dress that has black and a creamy grey stripe. Wide horizontal stripes on one side, narrow on the other side. I topped it with a cram scarf. I put on my ox blood boots that tie up the front. This was a copy of a pinterest outfit. I felt comfy all day but wasn't sure if I was age appropriate, it seemed very trendy. I was told by several people that it was a cute outfit, but no one phrased it that it looked good on me but perhaps its all the same. Today I am wearing denim blue dress pants (straight leg), white cami under the navy cardigan with white stripes down the front and on the cuffs. Dream catcher necklace, silver hoop earrings. On my feet red flats. I am wearing beige "trouser socks" so my feet don't get cold but my feet look like they are bare. Debating whether I like this look or wearing darker socks that match the pants. Feedback!

  15. Two outfits to report. Yesterday, I wore gray pants and a brushed blue sweater. Charcoal gray hose and black patent-leather loafers. For jewelry, I chose a silver necklace with round and oval loops; silver dangling loop earrings, a turquoise ring and my wedding rings. Today, I'm wearing black pants, a white shell with lace trim, and a striped blouse in shades of green interspered with black and white stripes. Black SAS loafers. For jewelry, I chose green glass patterned earrings, and a green glass butterfly necklace, an opal ring and my wedding rings.

  16. Catherine, that sounds trendy in a classy way, so I'd say it's age-appropriate! Not sure about the flats and socks vs. the "bare" look. I've seen both, but at this time of year and in our climate, bare skin on the legs/feet just looks silly to me. Renee, both outfits sound great! I especially like the sound of the green/black/white blouse with green jewellery. Today's outfit: dark-wash dressy denims, purple chiffon blouse (semi-sheer, with a matching cami underneath), long grey/black/charcoal cardi, faux diamond statement necklace.

  17. Forgot to add what I wore to a family Christmas dinner on the weekend: dark-wash skinny jeans, black sparkly top with short sleeves and a waterfall neckline, cranberry shawl with silver threads that my MIL knit for me last year, and a small mixed-gold heart necklace, also from my MIL. I haven't decided what I'll wear for Christmas with the other side...maybe the same jeans with my eggplant sweater, or my grey wool sweater-dress with cranberry leggings (one of my favourite winter outfits -- cute and seasonal, but so comfy it feels like wearing pajamas, and with plenty of room at the waist to accommodate turkey dinner!!).

  18. Last day of work before the holidays! I'm wearing forest-green skinny jeans with booties, black-and-grey graphic cowl-neck shell, navy blazer, and a thin gold necklace. Still working on my capsule wardrobe for the holidays (10 days away), but it's going to include: 2-3 pairs of jeans, 1-2 pairs of fleece leggings (will double as long undies), the grey sweater-dress and eggplant sweater I mentioned, a long cardigan, 2 other sweaters, a few thin tops to wear underneath, winter boots and booties. I'm trying to decide whether to pack a dressier dress (the cranberry lace fit-and-flare number I wore to the office holiday party) or whether that's overkill for the people and events I'm expecting to encounter. ;-) I might not make it back here before the new year, so in case I don't, Merry Christmas to all!

  19. Last day of work today before the holiday time. Today I am wearing red jeans, white cowl neck sweater. Small diamond necklace and hoop earrings. Black practical wedge heel shoes. Heavy duty winter boots for commuting, we had another 10 cm of snow (4 inches) last night. Yesterday I wore an AWESOME outfit, another pinterest copy. Black velvet pants, sparkly silver shell, royal blue cardigan, black and silver grey cheeta print scarf. Black riding boots, silver hoop earrings. Loads of compliments.

  20. I'm off work today (but not tonight), so right now it's shorts and a T-shirt so I can get some cooking done. For the Christmas Eve service, I'm wearing a soft pleated knee- length black skirt, a black 3/4 length sleeve blouse with a draped neckline. I'm going to break out my Hanes Silk Reflection hose and wear black heels. I'll pull out the bling jewelry. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas.

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