Expensive Boot Buyers Remorse

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  1. Hello ladies so that has been decided to treat me to a pair of boots with some of his his bonus money. I ended up purchasing some impractical stiletto heeled knee boots that are very complimentary to my body shape. They're impractical because I have three little ones ages 4, 3 and almost one so it's not like I will be wearing these every day . I am having buyers remorse because I never spend that much on a pair of shoes and feel a little guilty.... Because of the price and impracticality ( but they're so cute ??) I can afford them but I somehow still feel guilty because I typically don't spend that much on shoes and I usually am a budget shopper. what do you ladies think ?

  1. That's tough, have you wore them outside. If not you could take them back. If you have wore them then its time to give yourself permission to make an impractical just for you choice. It sounds like you really do love them and they look good on you. Now its a matter of finding times that they can work for you, like when you have someone with you to help with the kids. You mentioned that you can afford them so give yourself a break, we all make choices we question afterward.

  2. I think you should keep the beautiful boots! Especially since the boots are flattering and make you feel happy. Although you won't be able to wear them everyday as an active mom, I assume you will have some occasions this winter where you can wear them (Christmas or New Year party, date night with him, even a teacher/mom conference or club meeting etc.)... Occasions where you won't have the children with you, or where you will only need to wear them for a few hours. Be kind to yourself, most moms give and give to others, but aren't as generous with themselves. You deserve some nice things so go for it! If on the other hand, you really think you will have NO occasion to wear these, and they will sit in the closet making you feel terrible, then returning them is probably wise. But then buy something else that is just as fun and cute.

  3. Wise words, all! Chivon, I don't have much to add, but I hope that you're able to enjoy them without guilt, or if you can't, that you're able to return them for another pair that will make you equally happy.

  4. I have a feeling that the guy who bought you the boots would say that seeing you in them was worth the money.

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