Alloy Apparel for C Ladies

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  1. alloy apparel was recommended a few weeks ago in the style recommendations for cute curves . I was about to order some things that were really cute but was curious if anyone has ordered anything from this company . I wasn't sure if it was Junior or Mrs. sizes and they don't have such great reviews for customer service. Anyone ordered from here before ?

  1. I know my exact measurements and shop lots online, I have good luck if I ignore the size as listed and use the size charts provided to determine what size I will wear in that brand. Did you take a look at their size chart? I just had a look and my guess would be Junior. Lots of cute stuff but based on the styles too I am guessing junior. Good Luck, let us know if you order and how the sizing really is.

  2. You know what, I never thought to even consider the size chart thanks ?? I think I'll just order one shirt and let you know how the quality is...I don't think MSP would recommend something that isn't quality right? Lol

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