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  1. Well down on the second page so its time for a new thread. Drop in and tell us what you are wearing today. Offer constructive feedback on our choices of outfits. Today I missed the mark. Looked in the mirror at the meeting location and realized it just didn't work but I will tell you about it anyway. Black dress pants with a slim fit ankle, super comfy, red mock turtleneck shell with black beading in V at the neckline, black and white polka dot cardigan and red flats. I had boots on outside, its really slipper so they were not even fashionable but they kept me vertical. The problem with the outfit was the cardigan. Next time I will wear my solid black cardigan that has more of a blazer type collar and flows to the mid hip. The traditional neckline is screaming at the beaded neckline of the shell. Thanks to MSP I can actually figure out what isn't working today and also what I can use from my closet. Darn no shopping! Happy Thanksgiving to all of the American posters. Have fun on black friday but remember don't buy it just cause its a good deal!

  1. Love the idea of a black and white polka dot cardigan, CatherineK. Love polka dots. Very warm and WET in Central Texas today. 72 and RAINY. Expecting 3-5" accumulation by Sunday. :-( My challenge was to wear something Thanksgiving festive that I wouldn't burn up in. Settled for black leggings and my red Clara Sunwoo tunic, bracelet and earrings I made. Black booties since it was wet, and I would be out in the rain a bit unloading the car and Mama with her walker. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. NOT shopping tomorrow....at least, not in a store ~ that's why we have the Internet. Maybe a movie or two. Back to work Saturday.

  2. Brrrr its really cold today, I woke up to -16 C (thats 3 F), although the sun is shining and the wind is suppose to switch to the south and warm things up closer to the freezing point. Its going to get a lot colder as the winter progresses. Its a quieter day for work today with no meetings so I get to be casual. Jeans well fitted skinny, pale blue button down with a multi coloured stripes and pattern wool sweater. The sweater is very busy so only simple hoop earrings and plain wrap ring along with my wedding band, over the knee charcoal black riding boots. I was told I look like someone from a TV Christmas special! Not sure if thats a compliment or not! Have a wonderful weekend everyone

  3. Playing for a wedding this afternoon. Do NOT feel like getting out. Pouring rain and in the low 40s. Doesn't get like that often here in Central Texas. Was 72 and raining day before yesterday. Still in my nightie, drinking coffee at almost 11, but I love it since Sun.-Fri., I'm up and out of the house by 6:45. Decided to get dressed up since I don't have many opportunities to do so....haven't had an invite to a holiday party in almost 20 years when I moved back to Texas. Was part of a VERY active social circle back in Indiana, but it doesn't seem to be the thing here or I don't move in the "right" circles anymore. Enough of that. Wearing black velvet leggings and a black velvet asymmetrical hem top with fringe on the hem. Very elegant. Needs a long necklace, but I don't have time to make one. Have ordered some large baroque pearls to make one, though. Will wear black booties due to the weather. If it were nice, I'd wear pumps. Have recently begun to splurge on better footwear.....loving my new comfy Vaneli pumps! Maybe I'll get someone to take a picture.

  4. It's warm and a little muggy today. I chose chocolate brown pants and a salmon colored knit top. I'm wearing my walking shoes today because my back is sore and I want support. I chose gold loop and ball earrings, a gold oak leaf necklace, amber ring and my wedding rings. Catherine, that is way too cold for me. Debra, any Christmas parties I go to are all casual. So I usually go with bright colored sweaters and dark pants. I would like to find a pretty outfit to wear on Christmas Eve. Hope everyone is having a good day. Renee

  5. Happy Monday, warmed up over the weekend so its around freezing today. There is snow on the ground. My grown daughter is sick with the flu and has come home for mommy care and won't be sick alone. I won't be wondering too far from home today. I am wearing my favourite NYDJ faded marsala jeans, LS dark Chambray button down and a cream mid thigh cardigan with cape collar that ties at the waist. It might be a bit much but it feels so cozy. As for shoes, I have become a firm believer in comfortable first, cute second. I buy less because if I try them on and they aren't comfy they aren't coming home, which generally means I am spending more but it sure is worth it. There is nothing wrong with walking shoes Renee!

  6. Regarding holiday outfits, I don't get invited to any fancy parties either, so I try to keep some casual-festive clothes in my closet. I usually go to a Christmas play or concert and dress up for that. Catherine, here's hoping your daughter has a swift recovery. I completely agree, comfort first when it comes to shoes! I wore my new ankle boots all weekend (packed my black flats just in case, but never pulled them out) and they were so comfy...hooray! Back in my red flats today to give my feet a change. Dark grey dressy bootcut denims, chocolate brown turtleneck sweater, faux diamond statement necklace. Over the weekend I wore my forest-green skinnies with the new boots and an old favourite sweater -- cowl neck with a sort of ombre/colour-block thing happening (very light grey at the top shading to medium grey at the bottom).

  7. Comfort ALWAYS comes first in my book! Wore skinny jeans, Swarovski crystal Christmas tree earring I made, black long-sleeved tee, princess-line teal puffer vest, scarf, and black booties to school today. We could wear jeans if we wore a "Christmas accessory." My accessory was the earrings. Taking my choir on tour tomorrow afternoon so I'll wear my new black velvet leggings, black booties, and red cold-shoulder tunic. I have some favorite earrings I ordered from a glass artist years ago, and I always wear them in December ~ hand-blown long glass icicle topped with a Swarovski crystal. Can hardly wait to wear them! Will probably wear my leopard coat over it with the black fringe infinity scarf I picked up last week when I was at the Texas Gulf Coast. The kiddos will be wearing khaki skirts/pants with their red choir polo so I'll kind of match them. Have a lovely week, everybody! :-)

  8. Today's outfit - black pull-on pants (so very comfortable) and a white patterned top with flowers in shades of taupe, gray and black. Black SAS loafers, silver dangle earrings with black beads, an opal ring and my wedding rings. It's going to be a long day, so I want to be as comfortable as possible. Will grab a jacket for Chorale rehearsal this evening. I wish they wouldn't keep that auditorium so cold. Have a great day. Renee

  9. Hi ladies...I've been dealing with vertigo issues again hence my lack of joining in. I'm not even close to 100%, but I'm here. Lol!! Hope everyone had a great holiday. I'm on a new sodium restricted diet and it is easing some of my symptoms, but the bonus - I'm losing weight. Down 5lbs already so my clothes are starting to fit a bit looser. Today's outfit is black leggings, a red sweater and a blanket scarf draped and clasped at the waist with a skinny belt. Threw on heels for the first time in a couple weeks and a pair of black earrings. Simple, comfortable and didn't require a lot of thinking. ~Amy

  10. Amy, sorry to hear about your ongoing health challenges! You all sound so stylish. Today's outfit: navy straight-leg slacks, black ankle boots, eggplant sweater with foldover collar, thin gold chain.

  11. And today: forest-green skinny jeans, black ankle boots again, white s/s button-down, navy blazer, long skeleton-key necklace.

  12. Yesterday was one of those days, I put on the outfit I picked out the night before and didn't like the look so quickly changed to top layer so I looked "fine". Today, I happen to have on the same outfit as in my picture so I guess I don't need to describe it. Hope you continue to improve Amy, vertigo is no fun at all. Wonderer I hope you are keeping your eye out for another pair of those green skinny jeans, they have great cost per wear! Renee have you noticed yourself slowly getting more stylish. I was reading your post and I thought that you are looking really good. Debra, I wished we lived closer so I could get some of the jewellery you make. Have a great day.

  13. Today I chose royal blue pants and a leaf-patterned top in shades of blues, turquoise, white and tan. Blue pearl SAS loafers, and for jewelry I'm wearing turquoise earrings, turquoise ring and my wedding rings. I just grabbed my fleece hoodie for a jacket, but I should have picked up my new celestial blue cardigan. It would have been perfect with this. Off to direct our Handbell Choir. Renee

  14. Everybody's outfits sound great. Since we just entered summer I can't really relate to any though. I just printed off the weekly style articles for the last two weeks (I was away last week). My holiday outfits have to be suitable for anything between 12 deg C and 30 deg C. Tasmania was back in winter earlier this week and now it's hot and dry. The outfits that MSP suggests will work in general but I shouldn't need sweaters, coats and boots. The one I won't be using is the all black suggestion - definitely not kind to my summer colouring and not seasonally appropriate here. Christmas in Australia is all about picnics, salads, games of cricket, trips to the beach and relaxation. The only occasions we've been invited to are a neighbourhood barbeque and a lunch for some friends travelling to South America for five weeks. Nothing dressy on my horizon at this point.

  15. Handbell choir, how I love those! Renee, today you and I are doing the matchy thing. I am in royal blue pants. Cream light weight sweater with a cream cami keeping the V neck decent. The sweater is light weight and a little too lose so I have belted it with a shiny thin blue belt. Jewellery is basic hoop earrings and wedding rings. It can be a challenge for me to figure out a necklace when I am wearing a belt that makes a statement. Lisa, we love hearing what you are wearing and how are cultures/climates vary. Just like you, I won't be doing the all black. Last time I tried that my darling daughter asked "who died?" I am a summer and need colour to brighten up my pale skin and freckles! We are hearing lots about the droughts in Australia on our news reports. Don't worry about not always being able to relate. It gets super cold where I am in Canada, the cute outfits suggested don't necessarily work when you need to wear thermal underwear!

  16. Renee, you direct a handbell choir? Wow! I've always been amazed by the complexity of the music that can be played on handbells...can't imagine directing all that. Lisa, I'm with Catherine -- summer colouring and winter gear! None of that needed here yet, though. We haven't yet had any days where the temperature doesn't make it above freezing. I'm enjoying the mild weather as long as I can. Today's outfit: grey slacks, red flats, cream sweater with black polka dots, and a black-and-clear statement necklace.

  17. It turned cold today (40s, but that's cold in the Deep South) so I wore black ribbed pants (not corduroy) and a rose cable-knit sweater. I found double loop earrings that I haven't worn in a couple of years, and a gold necklace with a Bicentennial coin, opal ring and my wedding rings. I wore black flats, and wished I had ankle boots. Mine wore out and I need some. I want to find a pretty outfit to wear for Christmas Eve, but I have to be careful since I'm sitting at the piano on the stage. Renee

  18. Renee, we are having unseasonably warm temps so today we are having similar temps to Texas. We are enjoying it while it lasts, and maybe bragging a bit! Today I am wearing black velvet flair leg pants, black and white polka dot cardigan (Ok actually charcoal and winter white which my summer colouring loves). I have a white cami under but have buttoned up the cardigan and put a multi chain heavy rings necklace on to give a nice V in the front. Black kitten heel booties. I feel pretty and the polka dots cheer it all up.

  19. Renee, how about black velvet pants (or long skirt) and a deep red top? I just read that Pantone's colours of the year for 2016 are "rose quartz" and "serenity" (baby blue), so you're ahead of the trend! Catherine, charcoal and winter white are some of my favourites, too. Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, black ankle boots, cream cable-knit sweater, and a twisted metallic necklace. Happy weekend, all!

  20. happy Monday morning. I got a new haircut and colour this weekend, thanks to MSP for encouraging us to try something new. i am hearing that I look even younger. Woo HOO! Today gray dress pants, white button down with navy cardigan with white stripes on the front panels and cuffs. Short diamond pendant and long diamond pendant stacked. Diamond stud earrings. Black chunky heeled shoes. I have wore this outfit lots,

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