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  1. I dont like to have bare legs when I where dresses especially in winter. I do wear dark hose when appropriate. Which brand of natural, nude, or tan hose work well with skirts or dresses? I'm 62 but I look young for my age! I love fashion and love dressing stylish.

  1. I don't wear regular hose anymore since I'm in compression hose, but I've always liked the Hanes Silk Reflections. They come in a variety of colors, and look very nice. On special occasions, I'll go without the compression hose and wear just the Hanes. Renee

  2. For fall/winter, I love fully opaque tights in a dark colour. (Black is the most versatile, but brown/grey/navy are also good neutrals if you don't wear black, and then you could branch out into maroon/marsala, dark purple, dark green, patterned, etc. -- whatever works with your wardrobe.) Hue is a good brand.

  3. I like to wear Pantyhose in the winter, keep warm. ______________________________

  4. Once upon a time I was in a shoe store and sales rep for Hanes came in. He was talking to the manager and one of the things I remember is Hanes "Town Taupe" was a best general color, did not have that annoying redness so many colors have. Now, I am white so that would have bearing on this. I rarely wear pantyhose, but if I do (and it's not black), it's Town Taupe. It works for me.

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