What's a good "uniform" for an adult woman?

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  1. Should I look at the Lands' End school uniforms site and modify? I really have never understood the phrase as it relates to daily clothing choices. Any help? What are others doing as their uniform? thanks!! Rachel

  1. Hi Rachel! You're thinking too literally. It just means...what do you like to wear every day? Do you have standard combinations that you can fall back on? There's a thread about it here: http://www.missussmartypants.com/index.php?route=forum/post&topicid=1617&forumid=2 Personally, I've always had trouble with this one because I crave variety, but if I had to pick, it would be: dark neutral or dark-coloured pants (denims whenever I can get away with it) or pencil skirt, lighter or brighter top (often with some texture, like cable-knit, or a mottled colour), a statement necklace, and some kind of comfy dressy-casual shoes.

  2. Uniform is just a different way of saying what is your signature personal style. I love variety in both style and colour but when I look at my closet I realize that I do have some common elements. Winter Uniform, dark bottoms (jeans, dress pants or skirts), bright top (here is where I add my colour), Cardigan/Jackets/Vests in a complementary neutral. I like to top with pendant necklaces of different lengths and hoop earrings. I dress almost everyday whether casual or work with those 3 basic pieces. Also most of my jackets and cardigans fall to the high hip, most of my tops are wore untucked. This is generalizations but I know I will be the most comfortable if I fall into that combination so that would be my uniform.

  3. Ugh, I am afraid I almost do have actual uniforms. Black black and pearls. I don't even own a pendant necklace. With scarves, I feel like I have a small animal on my chest trying to get into my face. I am trying to branch out but it's hard! That's why I joined MSP. I wear scrubs to work and jeans all the time and I lost my way. Baby steps.

  4. Nancy, you will get there. Some times I think its harder for the people who have a work uniform they are required to wear, like your scrubs. You get up to go to work and you know exactly what you will wear. As for the jeans you can make that look stylish.. at least I hope so since I wear jean a lot!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I have actually started wearing dresses more often of all things. I got some of those Hue ponte leggings in black and they look great with several "tunic" or semi fit and flare dresses I already had and never wore. I discovered leggings 10 years after everyone else!!! Ha!!!!

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