Flat Booties?

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  1. Hi all! I'm having knee problems and need to buy some dressy-casual shoes with NO heels, and I'm a bit stumped. It's heading into winter here, so although I'm not looking for lined winter boots (I have those), I do need something with a covered top. Ideally it would be a versatile bootie or shoe that I could wear to the office with bootcut slacks, skirts, and skinny jeans...but I realize that's a tall order. Any ideas? For reference, I'm in my mid-30s and work in a business-casual environment (my preferred style is more business than casual).

  1. I bought some great booties from Clark's on sale. They have a 1/2" heel. Here's a link. http://www.clarksusa.com/us/womens/womens-view-all/Morela-Liza-Black-Leather/p/26110839 I got them for $99. They're super comfy!

  2. I was in in Quarks on Friday and they have all their Clarks on Sale. I think you have that store in your part of the country too. There were several pairs (in my size) of flat(ish) booties. I love the support that Clarks give my feet. its like they used my feet as the model. I used restraint but I have to walk by that store again on Tuesday and might not be able to then! Good Luck, sorry to hear about the knee.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I did try on some Clarks but found they just didn't fit my feet (too big in the heel, so my feet kept slipping). I ended up with a pair of Rockports similar to these but with no heel: http://www.rockport.ca/tristina-buckle-chelsea/tristinabuckledchelsea.html?dwvar_tristinabuckledchelsea_color=tristinabuckledchelsea_black They're not 100% comfortable, but the best I could find in the store...might look around a bit more, but I'm honestly sick of shopping. (I've done a lot of shopping this fall, although not a lot of buying.)

  4. wonderer, how do you weatherproof your shoes/boots?

  5. I use a weatherproofing spray (no particular brand). You can get it at shoe stores -- just check the bottle to make sure it's meant for leather or whatever your shoe is made of. Protects from rain, snow, and general dirt. Road salt can still be a problem, though.

  6. Thanks wonderer! Of course, here in the south we don't get much snow or ice. But we do get rain, dirt...sometimes mud. My ankle boots need a bit of sprucing up. I think I'll ask my hubby to polish them for me. Meanwhile I'll keep my eyes out for weatherproofing spray.

  7. He polished them today. They look great! Yay hubby!

  8. Well done, deanna's hubby! I'd suggest weatherproofing them now, while they're clean -- that way the spray works better, or sticks better, or something.

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