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  1. Hello, I am so confused as to what to wear to keep my legs warm and covered in the cold weather. I see all the pictures of ladies in the cute outfits with bare legs. I live where its pretty cold in the winter and I want something on my legs when I wear dresses. Another questions what do you suggest I wear with a dress to a dressy outing? I used to wear hose every time I got dressed up now what is everyone doing?

  1. Hi Benita! The thing you're looking for is opaque tights...they're VERY popular despite all the pictures you're seeing. Make sure you check whether they have feet or not. (If you're wearing boots, it doesn't matter because you can wear socks with them and it won't show, but if you're wearing shoes, you definitely want them with feet.) Black is the most classic and versatile colour, especially if your shoes are black, but you could also go with other neutrals or even a fun colour like purple/maroon (can be very cheerful in winter). Some of the tights you can get are really warm -- look for merino or fleece-lined tights, they're like wearing long underwear or a sweater on your legs. Black opaque tights can be reasonably dressy (I wear them to the office) but for a fancy evening party or similar, I'd wear black semi-opaque nylons. In warm weather, no hose, just bare legs and dressy shoes. Hope that helps!

  2. well, I just joined up because I feel I am not so stylish, but here's my last stocking buying experience. My husband and I went to southern Italy and one of my 3 outfits was a black dress with black tights. The tights were so heavy, they didn't really go with the dress well and it bothered me. And there were hose/tights stores everywhere. I bought gray and black houndstooth stockings that I think really look nice. Since I wear solids so often, I want to branch out into some more patterned hose. The trouble is, that patterns all seem to be aimed at youngsters, have to keep looking.

  3. I live in a REALLY cold climate in the winter (Canadian Prairies). I still wear skirts and dresses. I wear opaque and semi opaque depending on the event. I also have patterned ones to wear with solid black skirts which are fun and add some pizazz. I have also purchased some to wear with boots without feet and a heavy weight, not quite leggings but closer and then I can wear nice warm socks. Most of mine are black but I have navy and I have a pair of nude but I haven't wore them yet, they match my skin perfectly so I am not so sure. Nothing looks sillier in my opinion than bare legs and below freezing temps.

  4. Nancy, sounds very chic! Catherine, I agree, bare legs look a little silly in winter...but when you could use those nude tights is April or maybe March, when spring fashion starts to show up but it's still cold in climates like ours. Wear them with spring colours and stay toasty!

  5. Thanks ladies

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