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  1. Over time, I've seen several comments about body shapes that don't seem to fit any of the categories. I'm one of them. I'm 5' 4" and weigh 135 pounds. All my weight is in front. I have a 36DD bust and my abdomen has gotten considerably larger in the last two years. I have a small derriere and rather thin thighs. Depending on the brand and the cut, I wear a size 10-14. I tried both B and C body types, but I rarely see anything that looks good on me. I don't think any clothes are made for my shape. Mary

  1. I find Trinny and Suzanna's 12 body types very helpful. Check out the "Body Shape calculator" or just read about the different body types: I particularly like the body shapes - the women are wearing really tight outfits. I had an idea for months that I'm in between Skittle and Pear (because of my heavy legs) and also in between the apple (because of my big tummy). But just few days ago I took a really good look without the "stinky thinking" being involved and realized that I'm really in between Skittle and Hourglass. It's when I'm thin (which I'm definitly not) I'm in between Skittle and Pear. Maybe you can find Lesley's closest body type to the body type you found on this site, and use it as guidelines. If you're yourself between B and C, if you have saved any of the descriptions on what to wear, then maybe you should combine the suggestions to what suits you specifically. I'm combining the ideas on what to wear and what not to wear for the Skittle/Pear/Apple/Hourglass body types with what Lesley is giving us. I also googled on the net on my body-specifics like how to hide a tummy, or how to elongate short stocky legs. Or how to blanance shoulders with hips. Or how to elongate my short waist and so on.

  2. This is interesting. I originally signed up as a B because over time I have developed a bust and my tummy is not flat enough for A, I thought. But having seen a true hourglass figure, I reasized I'm still an A and switched to that. However my shoulders slope down, they are not square so I find a lot of the advice 'off' for me. Clothes don't hang quite right. And I liked the styles shown for B better than for A, as they help give the illusion of having a waist. I checked out trinnyandsusanna and I am a cornet, as my silhouette is still very much straight up and down. Having grown a bosom and a tummy did not improve the look of my waist!

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