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  1. I am looking for a new look for my hair so MSP article this week was perfect timing. Do any of you have suggestions of websites that are great for seeing hairstyles. I am thinking about going shorter. I am also changing stylist since mine has gone on sick leave for an extended period. Would you try a new stylist and a new style at the same time?

  1. Catherine - I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. I pin color combos and styles all the time so I can revisit when it's time for an update. As to changing stylists AND styles at the same time, it may just be me but I think that is the best time because they do not know you so they are completely unbiased. ~Amy

  2. Thanks, I love pinterest. Leaning toward a long pixie. I told my daughter and she wasn't happy.

  3. Try Taaz site You upload your picture and "try on" different hairstyles, makeup, etc.

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