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  1. New thread for a new week. :-) Renee, sounds lovely! Catherine -- oh, I just meant the things from my spring/summer wardrobe that are still fall-appropriate (due to colour) but are too lightweight for winter wear. A stylish fall outfit for warmer weather doesn't necessarily have much in common with what I can wear in January! Am determined to buy some merino this season, maybe from J. Crew again. Today's outfit: my dark grey dressy denims with black mid-heel mary janes, graphic print shell in purple/maroon/black/white/etc., long (mid-thigh) cardi in charcoal/light grey/black, and a silver "pearl" necklace. I don't usually report on my weekend outfits, but I put something together on Saturday that I quite liked: dark-wash skinnies, riding boots, maroon open-weave sweater (with a cami underneath), and then the olive green utility vest from my Halloween outfit. Not my usual style (closer to Amy's, maybe) but it was cute!

  1. Hello everyone - hope y'all had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic. My hot date lasted until about 9pm and then he passed out on my chest. Lol!! That kid is so dang adorable. Catherine - I do change purses almost daily. I have them organized in my small closet in dust bags and on a hanging rack. I have a few that I wear more than others though. Lol - Wonderer, that is right up my alley. Sadly the hubby is still out of town and I was late coming in so no pic today. I have on black leggings, a black l/s shirt and another poncho. This one is creamish in color with black and a sienna brown striping along the edges. It's a scoop neck so I put on my black KS pendant necklace and black heels. Comfy and warm enough for the office. Tomorrow will be in the 60's so I get to wear real winter clothing. :) ~Amy

  2. Hey, Y'all ~ Amy, how do you manage to change purses almost daily? I barely manage it when I change seasons! LOL! On the cool side today - finally! Wore burgundy fine wale corduroy skinny ankle pants, a scoop neck leopard print tee, ankle booties (pointed toe), and a burgundy hoodie. Oh, and earrings I made. It's funny that all three pieces came from different stores, but they all go well together. The burgundy of the hoodie and the pants is identical even though the pants are from Loft (love their petites!) and the hoodie is from Talbot's (has princess seaming and is very slenderizing). PE teacher and I were too busy for a pic. I do LOVE to see pix when y'all take them! Y'all have a great week!

  3. It's another cool and cloudy/rainy day. I chose navy blue pull-on pants (thank you Dillards), and a 3/4-length sleeve print knit striped top in various shades of blue and turquoise banded by white from Talbots (I do love their clothes). Blue pearl loafers from SAS, and for jewelry earrings in two shades of blue, a turquoise ring, and my wedding rings. Debra, I love burgundy and it's one of my colors. Amy, I'm glad you had fun with the little guy. I don't see how you can change purses everyday. I'm lucky if I change them twice a year. I read all your posts and can't believe how much variety there is in all your outfits. I just usually grab pants and a top. Renee

  4. Just a quick post for now! Today's outfit: navy slacks, red flats, thin merino sweater in cream with small black polka dots, red pendant with a drawing of a tall ship.

  5. Good Morning, you are all looking fine! Question, when you know you are going to post what you are wearing do you try harder to look good? When I first started posting nearly daily I really did think about what I wanted to admit to wearing, now its more of a habit of wanting to look good even if its just for me. Today is a casual day working from home but I have company coming for dinner. I am wearing black skinny jeans (I love my NYDJ), black tank top with a red V neck sweater over it. Red pendant necklace in the V and over the black tank. Square silver hoop earrings. For me this is a pretty basic outfit, it would probably benefit with a scarf instead of the necklace. I have set out my black riding boots if I need to go out.

  6. Honestly, I've been doing it for so long it doesn't factor into my decision-making. :-) I write down the outfits I wear in a spreadsheet for future reference and have *just* started adding weekend outfits that I particularly like -- if I'm relaxing at home I don't care much, but it's nice to have some ideas for going out, even if it's just for a coffee date with my guy. Today's outfit: forest-green skinny jeans, black riding boots, white l/s button-down, dark purple sweater-vest, and a long faux gold chain. (The top is not covering my butt -- these come down on the side of pants, not leggings, or at least I hope they do.) I've decided that, like my dark grey dressy denims, these jeans are OK to wear to work (on days other than casual Friday), if I dress up the rest of my outfit a bit more. Really need to buy some black booties so I can get some wear out of them before the snow flies.

  7. Hit Talbots sale last week and bought some pants I've had my eye on. Wore them today ~ RED velveteen! The most gorgeous true red. Felt bright and cheery all day. Wore a dark gray tee and black booties. Should have added a vest or a scarf, but I would have burned up. Had to turn the air on in my portable anyway. Needed a jacket when I stepped outside to switch classes. Portables have no insulation so the sun really heats them up - even when it's slightly chilly outside. Wearing red always lifts my spirits. These pants are going to look fabulous with the leopard print tee I wore earlier in the week. Will also look great with a cream sweater or a black top. Still have my eye on a black Clara Sunwoo tunic. Have a great Friday!

  8. Debra, sounds fabulous! Hurrah for clothes that really make you feel happy. Today's outfit: dark-wash skinnies, maroon sweater over a B&W print button-down, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace. Yesterday my knee suddenly gave out (old injury that sometimes recurs) and I'm afraid the riding boots aren't helping -- I think of them as flat, but they do have a 1" heel. So I'm wearing a cute (I hope) pair of sneakers/runners, in tan with pink trim. Happy weekend, ladies!

  9. Oh Debra, love red, how could you not be happy all day in red pants. They can be very versatile, but non read lovers might not feel that way! I have 3 pairs, different shades of red but no velveteen ones! Wonderer hope the knee feels better soon, rest it well this weekend. Not sure by your description if they go or not but they sure sound cute. Today I am also doing casual. Flare legged jeans (still not sure the style suits me), blue gingham button down, cream long cardigan with brown leather belt, kitten heal booties with pointed toe. I feel like I might be channelling my inner cowgirl! have a great weekend.

  10. Good morning ladies...it's been a crazy busy week here at work. Thank goodness it is Friday. Debra - your pants sound gorgeous and paired with leopard print - that's a fav combo for me. Wonderer - hoping your knee gets better soon. I have been wearing heels for so long that flats actually hurt my feet. Ironic given that I'm wearing flats today. I had a rough night so today was a throwaway outfit - light wash skinny jeans, my gray/black/white Chelsea Market sweater/sweatshirt, my black Coach tennis shoes and a KS gray felt baseball cap. Kept jewelry simple - grayish KS earrings, gold bangle and watch. My purse is my favorite cognac tote bag. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! ~Amy

  11. Yawn stretch! Welcome to a new week, I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Early start to the day, I am wearing dark denim blue dress pants, stormy blue V neck tank and a cream denim jacket. Oxblood short boots that tie up the front and have a chunky heal. Silver statement necklace in the V and hoop earrings.

  12. Good morning ladies...happy Monday!!! Catherine, your outfit sounds edgy!! Oxblood heels??? Would love to see them. Today's outfit didn't look as good as I had hoped, but it'll have to do for now. I have a black and forest green plaid schoolgirl style skirt, a cream cable knit sweater, black tights and black combat boots. The sweater is too bulky for the skirt - it needs a more streamlined polished top. I finished it with my KS black/gold earrings and pendant necklace. Things have been a bit rough for me lately so after much soul searching, I have decided to return to roller derby. There has been a void in my life for over a year and I could not place my finger on it until my husband pointed out that since I retired, I just have not been the same person. I'm way out of shape, but we'll see how this goes. Lol!!! ~Amy

  13. Amy, roller derby seems like one of those things that's really hard to let go...best of luck getting back into it! And good for you for being proactive on what your soul needs. I'm struggling with that myself. Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, red (flat!) mary janes, blue v-neck cardi over a B&W s/s button-down, and faux gold statement necklace. Hope you're all having a good start to the week!

  14. And for Tuesday: grey straight-leg slacks, black flats, purple chiffon blouse (semi-sheer) under a matching purple sweater-vest, and a long triple strand of faux pearls. The blouse is a loose, drapey style and I wasn't sure how to style it. After much debate I decided to tuck it in -- I don't usually do that when wearing pants (skirts are another story) because I have a bit of a tummy and find that it sticks out unflatteringly (most of my pants are lower-rise), but the sweater-vest seems to be keeping everything in place. ;-) I'd planned to try this blouse with skinnies but the length seemed off. Still on the lookout for a suiting-style vest in a contrasting colour to wear over top -- maybe that will help. Also planning to wear it under blazers and cardigans, probably tucked in.

  15. Yesterday, Purple cotton pants, pale lavendar scoop neck T shirt, grey cardigan with pink, lavender beaded neck line. I buttoned the top two buttons to give the look of a necklace. Black pointed to ankle boots with kitten heal (again) I got compliments so I guess the outfit worked! Today, pale marsala red skinny jeans, cream V neck sweater that has a faux chiffon cami under it with tails out the bottom of the sweater, scarf that has pinks and reds that match the jeans perfectly. Over the knee riding boots finish it off. The weather forecast is for a snow storm starting later today. I am dressed warm enough for it, I hope!

  16. Had to happen sometime, Catherine! No snow here yet, but we could get some over the weekend. It's supposedly 13 C (55 F), but feels colder -- I looked at the temperature and dressed lightly, but I'm chilly. Dark-green skinny jeans, black riding boots, grey cowl-neck shell with a graphic pattern of large black circles, long grey/charcoal/black cardi, and a thin gold necklace.

  17. It s a snowing and blowing out, travel not recommended on the highways. I am in for the day but have girls night out with my daughter. We are going to see the new Peanuts movie, she is 20 but we are both kids at heart! Today I am wearing black velveteen pants, multi coloured paisley LS button down with a long fringed red cardigan. I am definitely doing the 70s trend today. When I go out I will be wearing black riding boots. Simple hoop eating s and diamond necklace, I really don't need much I am a riot of colour and texture already. Have a good day!

  18. Catherine, too funny...stay safe! Today I was running late, so grabbed a tried-and-true outfit: navy slacks, red flats, light taupe wrap-style top, eggplant cami. Accessorized with a twisted metallic necklace and a faux pearl bracelet.

  19. Isn't it great to have those no fails in that you pull on at a moments notice. I am spending the day in the library (not the fun one!) so I am dressed practical and comfy. My favourite jeans, white V neck T, Navy cardigan with white striped trim, large funky silver necklace in the V, hoop earrings, suede and fur knee high boots.

  20. Sounds cozy! Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, same tan/pink sneakers as last time, merino turtleneck sweater in chocolate brown, and a long faux gold necklace with dangly bits. My knee is still bothering me, so no riding boots again -- and I'm realizing that I really need another pair of flat shoes. So that'll be my mission this weekend. Not sure yet what I'll end up with...actually, I'm gonna go start a thread about that. Happy Friday, ladies!

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