Long Cardigans for Short Ladies

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  1. Please advise! You wrote about long cardigans being in style this year, is there a guideline for those of us that are 5'3" or less?

  1. I'm not MSP, or petite, but I think in general MSP advises petites not to go longer than the knee. This season I've seen some great cardigans that are a variety of mid-thigh lengths. It's worth experimenting in the store to see what looks best with your other proportions (body type, torso length vs. leg length, etc.). Personally, as a long-torsoed C I find my best length for a longer cardi is several inches above the knee -- any shorter and my hip area looks too wide, my legs too short. For petites, it would probably help if the body of the cardigan is more fitted and the arms are the correct length, so you don't look as if you're wearing something too big for you. But if it fits well, a long cardigan could look really sharp on you!

  2. Back again! I just saw that MSP addressed this very question in today's style blog: http://www.missussmartypants.com/index.php?route=blog/blog/view&blog_id=239&page=1

  3. I'm 5', and they look HORRIBLE on me. Just not going there. LOL!

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