jacket for tunic?

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  1. I'm fond of wearing tunics with leggings in fall/winter. What kind of stylish jacket goes with a tunic. I'm wearing Clara Sun Woo's red cold-shoulder tunic right now. Would love to pair a jacket with it. Maybe a poncho????? I'm a petite C.

  1. Are you looking at wearing a jacket all day or just to your destination? Please tell me you are not trying to cover that gorgeous tunic up all day!! That is a beautiful top. However, I think a poncho would be cool with it though. ~Amy

  2. I think this would be the time to play with proportions and see what looks best -- my gut feeling is either a cropped jacket (no longer than your natural waist) or a long jacket (such as a trench-coat) that's similar in length to the tunic. Either way, try wearing the jacket open over the tunic, perhaps with a scarf.

  3. Looking both for warmth and that stylish jacket thing. Wore it with the poncho this morning. The poncho is VERY lightweight, and I shed it before 9 a.m. (It's chilly in the morning finally but warms up quickly). The poncho is also sized for petites. Got the PE teacher to take a pic of me. Will post it soon. I must say....the red of that top is the most DELICIOUS red I've ever seen. It makes me feel happy all day long!


  4. LOVE IT! You are looking great. Thanks for sharing

  5. Love the colour on you, Debra! Hooray for clothes that make you happy! Keep us posted on your jacket/tunic experiments....

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