I'm a Professional Organizer: purging too much!

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  1. Having transitioned to single hood 11 years ago, I'm practically stich-less. I over-purged because my x used to shop for me. I have the basic-list to take around with me when I go shopping. I live in New York City, and have too many choices as to where to shop. Some direction please? I'm a 7 pound over-weight Type A. Thanks!

  1. Sales! Nordstrom is getting ready to have a sale starting Nov. 5 Ann Taylor Loft seems to always be running some kind of sale. Chico's frequently has sales on new stuff, too. Macy's has lots of sales, too.I'm sort of in the same place, except I've been buying TOO MUCH. I lost 59 pound last year and am starting fall/winter from scratch. Fortunately, I'm in Central Texas, and it's still pretty hot. Good luck!

  2. Look at J Jill, they have lots of straight lines, stylish but not trendy clothes at a good price point. They used to be one of my favorites ...till I quit shopping... now I am trying to start back up. Macy's and Nordstrom have SO MANY stores within the store I get overwhelmed and run out. However, INC seems to be a good brand for me.

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