Outer Wear in the cold!

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  1. It is really starting to get cold here, I have begun the process of pulling out the cold weather gear. Here lies the challenge for me. I spend time putting together a nice outfit and then top it with a coat, which may or may not look good with the outfit. I wonder what colour your winter coat is, how do you make it look good with different clothes. Do I need to weaken and go buy myself a black/navy /cream/ grey coat?

  1. My main winter coat (a pea-jacket) is black for just that reason. I bought it before MSP, or would have gone for grey instead...maybe this will be the year I upgrade. I have a rotation of scarves, toques, and gloves that I try to coordinate with each other and whatever is underneath the coat. For the really cold days I have navy mittens and a giant, boxy parka...it's maroon and doesn't go with everything, but if it's that cold I figure nobody's looking anyway!

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