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  1. New thread for a new week! LOL, Amy, I hate to admit it but I can sort of see your husband's point...I think it's the beanie in combination with the distressed jeans. Well done with the selfie stick, though! Today's oufit: trying out pattern-mixing. Pulled out an old pencil skirt with an oversized black-and-grey houndstooth pattern; paired it with the merino cream-with-black-polka-dots sweater; black opaque tights, mid-heel mary janes, and a mint statement necklace for a pop of colour. (Okay, it's a fairly muted mint, so not that big a "pop".) Hope you're all having a good start to your week!

  1. Amy, hate to say it but yep, distressed jeans and beanie might have been creating the wrong vibe. The scarf and or sweater that you ditched for the temperature probably would have fixed the problem. Cooler weather will eventually come! I swear Wonderer and I don't discuss our clothes before we get dressed in the morning but today I am wearing houndstooth too, but mine is brown and navy with a navy shell and cream cardigan, denim flats. Long necklace with a bunch of pendants on the end, including a large brown "stone", skeleton key etc. It was just above freezing when i started the day so I had a black leather jacket on top. Happy Monday, here is to another big week!

  2. I typed a whole post yesterday and it didn't show up. That's the second one where that has happened. Grr!! So how is everyone? Wonderer - I had written "yeah for pattern mixing". I'm starting to really look at my closet closely now to experiment with patterns. Houndstooth is a favorite of mine and easy to work with. Looks like you and Catherine are on the same wavelength. :) Today's outfit of the day is my taffeta black/white graphic print skirt, a long sleeve white t-shirt and a black leather biker style vest. I finished the look with a pair of mid heels that I don't wear often (not sure why - they are super fun) that are black with a lace up feature on the front. I also am wearing my new Kendra Scott gunmetal Rayne necklace with a bright magenta stone in it for color. I added black hoop earrings, a black/gold heavy bracelet and a gold watch. Then I switched to a black large clutch bag with studding on it. The hubby said now I look edgy so I guess it's a step up from thuggish (yeah, I def agree - I did look thuggish on Friday). I actually love today's outfit but forgot to grab a pic before we ran out the door. Anyway...hope y'all are having a great day. ~Amy

  3. Catherine, LOL, we've got the memo for our Canadian uniforms! Would you believe I even considered wearing a skeleton pendant key yesterday? Amy, how frustrating! That happens if you enter the code wrong and you navigate away from the page without realizing...I'd suggest copy-and-pasting your post and then double-checking that it actually posted. Edgy as a step up from thuggish...your husband is a hoot! I'm gradually pulling out my winter wear. Today's outfit: started with a heather-grey sweater-dress (turtleneck, short sleeves, above-the-knee length) and added black opaque tights, a cobalt blue cardi, black mid-width belt, and a faux diamond statement necklace. I'd planned to wear the dress with my navy blazer and navy tights, but when I pulled out the tights, they were dusty (they live in a hanging shelf in my closet), so I had to scramble for an alternative. Oops!

  4. Amy, edgy is a compliment. Too bad we didn't get the pic, the outfit does sound great! Wonderer that kind of oops can happen to us all! You will be ready for the next time. I like the sound of the colour combo you have going. Today was rainy and cold so I wore cotton boot leg pant with a velvety black on black pattern. Red and black diagonal striped sweater with a V neck, faux pearl and diamonds around the V of the neckline. Very gently trying to combine patterns! short boots with a kitten heel. To accessorize I wore diamond hoop earrings and necklace with a pendent that includes pearls and diamonds (faux of course)

  5. Rainy and cold here today...wonder if we got your weather. Today's outfit: bought these forest green skinny jeans early in the season and hadn't had a chance to wear them yet. I don't normally wear jeans during the week, but these don't look too much like denim, and with the rain I really wanted pants I could tuck into my boots. So: forest green skinnies, black riding boots, white s/s button-down, and the long grey/charcoal/black cardi I bought a few weeks ago, accessorized with a long metallic leaf necklace. I have to tell you C-type ladies: skinnies paired with a long open cardi look GREAT on this C! The trick is that the cardi must be well past your hips -- mine is only a few inches short of my knees. Next time I won't wear white, though...when combined with the black in this cardi, it really washes me out.

  6. I envy both of you Catherine and Wonderer...my fall and winter clothes are hanging up in my just begging to be worn. Today is a high of 88 and hopefully we'll see the upper 70's by the weekend. I wish I could see your outfits. You both sound so put together. Today was a weird kind of day for me. The hubby and I decided to start walking every night and every morning so there we were at 5:30am walking in the dark in our hood. He was supposed to go down south this morning to meet a client but surprised me by offering to carpool (my commute is a nightmare when I am a solo driver). I had to scramble to get ready so I grabbed black leggings, a black/white graphic print dress and my trusty black heels. The dress was bought to wear to the concert two weeks ago but a wind storm changed those plans so the dress has been chilling on the rack. It's too big but I just needed comfort today and it fit the bill. Wonderer - I love skinnies with cardigans. I have to purchase some new ones because my four that I had no longer fit. Sigh!!! Hope y'all have a great day!! ~A

  7. Amy, You bought a dress that was too big? There must be a story there. Your black and white sounds like a great scramble outfit. Its nice to be able to through together an outfit quickly. Wonderer I love the look of skinnies with very long cardigan. I like to do that look but I need to make sure there is definition at the waist or I look 20 lbs heavier. I have enough weight without help! today is a formal business attire kind of day but its cold, wet and miserable. Sorry Wonderer sending you more bad weather. I am wearing a stretchy knit black/grey pencil skirt (read wildly comfy), red blouse with a faux bow in the V neck, black double breasted style blazer, black tights and3 inch chunky heeled Mary Janes in black. Simple diamond necklace and earrings. Have a great day everyone!

  8. LOL, Amy, and here I am begrudging the shift from cool to cold. Grass is greener and all that. Hurrah for easy outfits and comfortable clothing! The sweater-dress I wore earlier this week fits the bill...it feels like wearing pajamas, especially if I've got leggings on rather than tights. Today I'm wearing grey slacks, navy blazer, bright red mock-neck top, and a long faux gold necklace. Oddly enough I feel at least 10 pounds heavier in this outfit than yesterday's, even though the pants are bootcut and the blazer has waist definition. Part of it is just adjusting to cold-weather outfits and more layers, and also I think my style preferences are changing (again). Oh well!

  9. Happy Friday and happy Halloween! This afternoon is our Halloween party at work, but for the rest of the day we're in normal clothes. I'm wearing my usual dark-wash skinny jeans and riding boots, along with part of my costume: a purple l/s tee with designs on the sleeves and an olive green utility vest. I'm going to be the girl on the bottom right in this picture: http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/firefly-cast.jpg This is the look I'm going for, minus the jacket: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/db/84/aa/db84aa9a8ef148c9de802d05f4a22da0.jpg And THEN I'm going to a world music concert tonight, so I've also brought along a taupe wrap top, eggplant cami, and faux diamond statement necklace to change into. Whew!

  10. Good morning everyone...happy Friday and Halloween to y'all!! I didn't get a chance to jump online yesterday. It was a decent day but super busy. Catherine - the dress I bought is a boho style dress but I had to get an XL because the shoulders were just too snug so the rest of the dress is super big and flowy on me. I normally would not purchase it but I knew I could pair with leggings and tights for the cooler temps - when they finally got here. I struggled to get up this morning - I think I'm using too many drops of my oils at night because I overslept by 2 hours. Lol!! Wonderer - your outfit sounds really cute. I like the vest in that picture - mine is not as long and I have been hunting for a long vest. Today's outfit can be classified as "street". I have on dark wash distressed skinny jeans, black booties, a black/white graphic sweatshirt and a black leather baseball cap. I have been dying to wear this sweatshirt - I attached a pic. I am getting a midi skirt from Old Navy and I cannot wait to pair them up together for work. I finished the look with my KS iridescent black earrings, rose gold watch, bracelet and an edgy black clutch. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. ~Amy


  11. Wonderer, I was a fan of firefly! You many be significantly younger than me but sometimes I think that's the only difference! Great costume idea for work. Have fun at the concert tonight. Your outfit sounds quite classy for that! Outfielder love your energy. Get that selfie stick going so we can see more of these outfits! I know I haven't been taking many lately either. Beautiful day for the end of October here today, with temps just a bit above freezing but the sun is shining. I had a quiet work from home day today. So I have on blue jeans, boot cut. Marasala red V neck sweater. Red beads and black multi chain statement necklace in the V. If I decide to go out, beyond walking the dog I will wear a pair of oxblood boots that lace up and have a nice chunky heel. Central Canada Comic Con here this weekend. I am designated driver for 2 grey wardens (dragons age, I think) who don't feel its safe to drive in their costumes. Have an enjoyable weekend one and all!

  12. Catherine: aha, a kindred spirit! :) I'm currently working my way through Buffy, Doctor Who, and Sense8. Did you attend the con too? We're heading into an unseasonably warm week, with temps in the high teens (low 60s). I'm looking forward to resurrecting some "transitional" outfits since I know it'll soon be too cold for that. For Monday, I've pulled out another fall/winter dress, a knee-length sheath style in plaid (green, dark blue, and black). I think I've gained a little weight since putting it away last spring, as it's pretty snug...oops! Added black opaque tights, black mary jane-style flats, a blue linen blazer (looks like medium-wash denim), and a long triple strand of faux pearls.

  13. Catherine and Wonderer - I was a HUGE Buffy fan, well an Angel fan but I loved that show. I watch the reruns all the time. Have not jumped on the Dr. Who wagon yet although many of my friends live for that show. I'm still working through Sons of Anarchy right now. Well I hope y'all had a good weekend. It was super awesome on my end - we did nothing except go buy candy and grab some lunch on Saturday and then I FINALLY got to ride my bike yesterday for a short while. It has been a month and it felt so good to stretch her legs out for a bit. The temps were in the low 80's so it was perfect. Although I forgot to get a pic this morning, I have attached my casual Saturday outfit - distressed skinny jeans, combat boots, white t-shirt, black leather vest and my new KS necklace. Today's outfit is called "I'm lazy" - black leggings, a striped black/white tunic and black heels. Wonderer - you are heading to unseasonable warm weather and we are finally getting fall in the form of temps in the 70s. Woo hoo!! Time to break out the parka!! ~Amy


  14. Looking sharp Amy! temps in the 70s, I would probably still be in shorts. I love the sound of your outfit Wonderer. Closet shrinkage is a dreadful thing! Our temps this week are between 5-10 C (40s F) for the highs and rain. Today is a casual work at home day. Red jeans, black and white striped T shirt, red/cream and grey letterman's cardigan.

  15. It's 75 here and we're not complaining. Ready for some Fall weather. I chose charcoal gray pull-on pants (Dillards), and the white flowered top in shades of black, gray and taupe, and my comfortable black SAS loafers. For jewelry I'm wearing dangling silver earrings with black beads, an opal ring and my wedding ring. I may change to a long sleeved shirt before Chorale rehearsal this evening because it's always cold in there. Hope everyone is having a good week. Renee

  16. Good morning everyone - today is only going to be 70 so I have declared it officially cool enough for a scarf. Lol!!! I have since draped the scarf differently than the picture attached because I did not like the way it was laying on me - plus, it was making my neck hot. Otherwise, I am comfy. Today's outfit is a black flare skirt, black/white/gray space dye t-shirt, black heels, blue/gold KS earrings and gold bracelets/watch and my new blanket scarf with black, lime green, red and white plaid print. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. ~Amy


  17. Amy, looks great! Very seasonal without being too warm. Renee, sounds very chic! Catherine, closet shrinkage...too funny. Today's outfit: flare skirt with an oversized B&W graphic print, black opaque tights, black mid-heels, mock-neck top in true red (!) with a faux gold statement necklace. It's an attention-getting outfit and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that at the office (would be okay if I worked at a style magazine or design firm, but it's a little loud for the civil service), but I ran out of time to find a more muted top that would work. Oh well, it's good to take style risks now and then, right?

  18. Wonderer just cause you work in the civil service does not mean you have to dress boring. I think your outfit sounds great. Amy love the look, the scarf is great. I have a problem with scarves that my neck gets hot, how did you end up wearing it to solve that problem? The purse is an awesome accent piece! Renee, you sound like such a classy dresser, great that you added the on trend dangly ear rings. You kept mentioned the SAS loafers so I went and checked them out on line. They do look super comfy! Today was an early start so I had my clothes set out the night before and ready to fall into this morning. I noticed that there is lots of black and grey being worn today here. Me too! Black and grey houndstooth pencil skirt, but this time I put on a grey mock turtleneck shell with a long red cardigan that has fringe around the bottom. I had patterned stockings but you couldn't see them because I wore black, over the knee boots with a chunky heel. I wore the long necklace with the skeleton key again too! Same clothes wore in a different combination. Ya for me. One of my younger coworkers (31) told me I looked awesome. I think I will live on that one for the rest of the day. I meant to take a selfie when I got home but completely forgot. Sorry!

  19. I am so glad that grey is back in style. It's one my neutrals and for years you simply couldn't find it. Glad it's back, along with navy blue. I'm going to be on the go all day, so I dressed for comfort. Black capris and a royal blue polo shirt with the church logo. Black SAS loafers, simple gold earrings, an amber ring and my wedding rings.

  20. Renee, I know, it's frustrating when everything is either black or white but no grey. Grey is one of my neutrals too but it has to be the right shade, especially near my face, and that can get tricky. I have more options now that I've branched out to taupe and navy (and cream when I can find it, but that's rare). Catherine, thanks for the vote of confidence! I see you managed fringe AND patterned stockings, well done. It's so warm and sunny here that I pulled out a s/s peach cardi that I'd only just packed away for the season. Paired it with a brown midi lace skirt with an uneven hem, brown opaque tights, black mid-heels, and a turquoise bracelet (love turquoise with brown!). For the commute I added a white denim jacket and a navy/maroon/white patterned scarf.

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