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  1. Hello All -- I'm a PEAR body type so I selected C in MSP. I've noticed that my sister and a friend who are both "apples" adore Chicos. I've never found anything at Chicos. Love their clothes but they seem to be mostly selected for apply body types. Their clothing flatters my sister, but not me. More and more I'm trying to simplify my life and would love a Chicos for me. Is anyone aware of any specialty stores -- similar to Chicos -- for us PEARS? I feel like we are left out. Thank you!

  1. no suggestions yet? I know there are C's that write here frequently. Perhaps you can find suitable clothes at many stores if you are thinking about the guidelines for C types as listed by MSP. I have found the last couple of seasons many of the styles were too boxy for me but I kept my eyes out and the "rules" in mind and did find some great stuff. Good Luck,

  2. I'm a C, but I can't help much because most of the stores I shop at are Canadian chains (and several of those have closed...my current favourite is Le Chateau). I agree that styles have been boxy and unflattering -- it's been a challenge!

  3. It is very challenging and what makes it harder is finding time to shop. I'm longing for the simplicity of a store like Chico's for Cs! Thank you CatherineK and Wonderer.

  4. I'm a C. Try Ann Taylor Loft. I'm also petite, and they carry EVERYTHING in petite. I can't wear Chico's, either, the stride in all their pants is WAY too long for me. Did find a really cute basic long-sleeved leopard print T there, though. Can hardly wait to wear it. Try Clara Sun Woo. I'm wearing one of her shark-bite colder shoulder tunics in red right now. Very flattering Excellent service and free shipping. https://clarasunwoo.com/onlineshop/index.php?osCsid=f0b94accac812df661e74229a103724e

  5. I am new to Loft and am LOVING their clothes. They carry the curvy line in jeans which has become my new best friends, especially the high waist which is a staple for me. I have a super hard time finding bottoms because I have derby thighs, a derby butt and a smaller waist. Loft has helped considerably in the jeans department. They also have the Julie fit for our body types too. I love their tops and dresses. Great quality, great fit and they always have good sales. ~Amy

  6. I'm a B overall, but have very curvy hips and upper thighs, which can be a problem to fit. I have a lot of success at Talbots, and love their classic style. Talbots offers misses, petite and woman's sizes. Their winter and summer season-end sales are great times to pick up more expensive clothing at great prices.

  7. I second the Talbot's suggestion. They've had some really cute (but classic) stuff this year. Bought some red velveteen pants at the 30% off sale this week. Can hardly wait for it to get cool so I can wear them. Have fun trying new places and keep us posted.

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