Knee high boots /type B /petite 5 feet tall

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  1. mil63 My dilemma: I am 5 feet tall-and would love to wear the taller boots up to the knee-but can't find any! So I only wear ankle high boots. Is it possible to find the longer boot that fits well for petites? Or is it a no-no for petites? I am a B Body Type. I am 52.

  1. I think it may overwhelm your small legs. The only way I could maybe see is if the boots had a heel and you did a monochromatic look (like all black)

  2. I'm in the same predicament. 5' tall. I just wear booties. Fortunately, there are lots of cute ones.

  3. So I've had an epiphany....I had been trying on regular with riding boots and my legs just always seem so thick. I am borderline petite at 5'3". Because my legs are so thick I find that the over the knee boots fit me well and flatter me best but only with a heel and monochromatic to give me some height and elongate my legs! I hope this helps!

  4. Thank you! super helpful

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