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  1. Not sure about y'all, but I have often wondered about my hubby's fashion sense when it comes to my clothes. Usually he just says "you look nice" without ever looking up to see what he is complimenting. This article is hilarious in that the author allowed her fiance to dress her for a week. Makes me wonder what my hubby would dress me in.

  1. Those were not bad outfits at all. I was surprised. Maybe you should try it for a weekend (safer) and show us the results.

  2. I have no idea what my husband thinks about my dress sense. He just never says. My fear about letting him dress me is that he'd get to poke around in my wardrobe and discover just how much I own.

  3. Outfielder, I love the article with "him" dressing "her." Of course, it made me wonder what my DH would choose. Sometimes he has good fashion ideas, and comes up with suggestions I would have never considered. But he's never put together a complete outfit for me :))

  4. My husband is color blind so that alone scares me. He came home years ago (before wild colors were the rage) with a pair of Nikes that were this god awful bright purple with neon lime green trim. He was so excited. I HATED those shoes. Thankfully our dog ate them within a week. Lol!!! I did mention this article to my husband and told him I may want to use him as a guinea pig to see what he would do. :)

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