Boots for petites?

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  1. Hello! I am loving this subscription to MIssus Smarty Pants. My dilemma: I am 5 feet tall-and would love to wear the taller boots up to the knee-but can't find any! So I only wear ankle high boots. Is it possible to find the longer boot that fits well for petites? Or is it a no-no for petites? I am a B Body Type. I am 52.

  1. Do you have a small foot? Might be worth trying teen stores or even kid stores. My daughter wears a 4 so shops in the high end kid stores like Nordstrom's.

  2. I found some! Adult size Sears Bogo brand For sale 29.99 like the scrunchy calf which can go up or down for my short legs!


  3. Looks great -- well done!

  4. I'm 5' tall and have NEVER been able to find tall boots since I left college. 59 now. My calf is too muscular, my legs are too short, and my foot is too small. Poopy.

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