Lovely sweater, wrong color

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  1. I have a deliciously soft cashmere sweater I found at a thrift store, washed and reblocked at home, and de-fuzzed. It's luscious, soft, warm, light, and all the good things cashmere is. However, it has one glaring flaw, and that is that it is PINK. Extremely so. Not quite Barbie pink. Maybe Bubble Gum pink. I always feel so very conspicuous when I wear it and it is not really my color. Honestly I'm not sure why I bought it other than that it is cashmere and it just feels so nice. Any suggestions at all for maybe toning it down? Or should I just either get rid of it or enjoy wearing it around the house and exposing it to all the snags and stains that it'll be exposed to being worn in such a way. Dying it is tricky-you can't put cashmere in hot water, after all, because then it really would fit Barbie and the problem would be solved. Thanks in advance for any advice offered!

  1. Can you wear something over it, to distance it from your face so to speak. Maybe a scarf in one or more of your colours that also goes with pink (you didn't mention what season you are). Or a vest or long duster or other outer layer over the top so only a smaller area of the pink is visible. Another idea that comes to mind is to use it as a pop of colour in an otherwise monochrome outfit such as black and white.

  2. I'm not entirely sure what season I am, to be honest. I can wear silver or gold jewelry equally well, I have a horrible time finding a good makeup foundation color because they're either too orange or too pink (Shiseido #2 has been the best one so far). I tend to look better in oranges, greens, teal, salmon pink and coral, and I wear gray, black and white all the time as well. I think I'm one of the warm seasons. I have dark green eyes, fair skin, and medium brown hair (turning silver! LOL!). This pink is just slightly wrong for me, though. I like the idea of the scarf, I have loads of them and I've got one nice oversized ivory one that looks quite nice with the sweater. I'm an "E" type, so something over the sweater is probably going to just be too much bulk for my particular body shape. This all started when I found a fabric remnant in a great shade of gray, that has a tiny pink pinstripe-when I found the pink sweater I just bought it without really thinking it through, to go with that remnant that was just enough to make a straight skirt with a kick pleat (it's such a great skirt-it's stretchy, it's slimming, it's a wonderful fabric). I think I might hit the fabric store and see what I can find that maybe has touches of pink as well, to make another coordinating scarf. Thanks for responding! :)

  3. The way you describe it I can tell that you really do love it. So don't just get rid of it. I immediately went to put on a scarf and enjoy the soft cuddliness of the cashmere! Enjoy it.

  4. Scarves are a great idea. Or what about wearing something UNDER the sweater? Depends on the neckline, of course, but most necklines work with a button-down collared blouse (try a slick fabric that slides, rather than cotton, as it will fit more easily/comfortably under the sweater). Try a blouse in one of your neutral colours or even a pattern like black and white. That skirt sounds perfect as well.

  5. You know, I was thinking maybe my black button front blouse and some sparkly jewelry-it's cotton but more of a sateen, so a smooth finish. LOVE the idea of the patterned top, too. Thanks so much ladies! :D

  6. I wore it today, as a matter of fact-with some buff flats with a black cap toe, and a gray tank underneath. Was in a rush and didn't have time to do jewelry or scarf, but I liked how it looked.

  7. Sounds great -- glad you're figuring out how to make it work for you!

  8. Good on you schmoomom! Your outfit sounds lovely and you've made use of the sweater you love that you had such doubts about. Goo luck finding other ways to make it work for you.

  9. make the sweater into a pillow

  10. Inspired me to wear the wrong color sweater vest I have in my closet. Thanks. It is a yellow color made by my husband's grandma for him when he was a boy. Never going to fit him again. Wore it over a bright blue t with a neck that came above the vest. Looked pretty good and made me realize it is a great color for my kid's high school team. Maybe I can even get her to wear it on game day.

  11. Well done, jhisrich! Hand-knit stuff is such a treasure -- good on you for finding a way to wear it again.

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