Shopping for a cardigan sweater

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  1. I really need and want a nice all-around cardigan sweater that I can use for casual and business. I'm having trouble finding something that I like and looks good on me. I can't stand the sweaters with the uneven hem. They make me look terrible. I'm a B and very overweight. Renee

  1. Have you looked at LL Bean, Lands' End, Cabela's or Duluth? All are having fall sales and there are lots of nice cardigan sweaters simple plain standard hems on there in a variety of colors.

  2. Or you can find yarn in a color you like and knit one. That way you can make it fit exactly with shaping and exactly your size.

  3. I have a bunch of cardigans from Land's end. The quality is decent and the colour, style and size selection is fantastic. When there are sales the prices are also great. BaaBaa, I have several hand knit wool sweaters and cardigans, they get me through the coldest part of a Canadian winter.

  4. I looked at Land's End and they have some lovely sweaters. I just have to decide if I want to pay $50.00 for one sweater. BaaBaa, I don't knit so that's not an option. I don't need a really heavy cardigan since I live in south Mississippi. Will check the other sites to see what they have. Thanks. Renee

  5. I like the Lands End cardigans, too. I'm particularly fond of their dress cardigan.

  6. Lands End is 30% off now through Nov 10, it's a great time to buy! -Lisa

  7. I ordered two cardigans from Lands End, and took advantage of the 30% off. Wasn't sure of the size so I ordered one in one size and one in a larger size. The larger size is better, so I'll exchange and get the right size. The colors are Celestial Blue and Ivory. Wish they made them in white. I might go on and order a black one, just to play it safe. Black really isn't my color so I'll make sure to wear a bright colored top with it, preferably in red. Renee

  8. Hurrah, Renee! I hope you get much enjoyment and use out of your new cardigans.

  9. Great Renee glad you were able to find some nice cardigans. Hint for all! Lands End always has sales. Not sure if I have ever paid full price. Sometimes you just have to wait a week or two!

  10. So glad you found some great cardigans! Love Lands End and their sales! Ordered their black ankle ponte pants last week and waiting for them to arrive. I've never paid full price for their stuff, either. I can usually get free shipping, too.

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