Outfit Selfie Mission! And an app...

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  1. Wow, this is the first time I've attempted to take an outfit selfie...it didn't go very well, either! Much more difficult than I anticipated...my selfies are fuzzy, and don't pick up all the elements of my outfit very well (like my necklace...); not to mention the bad lighting. I think this will take some practice, but it's a great idea! Also, I have begun to use an app called Evernote to keep track of what I wear to various outings...I can create a note about the event with the date and description, and then upload a selfie...this will help me record outfits that I like, thereby helping me save time in the future, while also helping me make sure that I don't wear the same thing too often. Does anyone else use this or something similar?

  1. Its a good idea. I often take a selfie to get an idea how I really look, works really well if I am not sure that something is working. I can critic better in a picture compared to a mirror! Sometimes I share it here other times its just for me. I never thought of keeping track of them in Evernote. I use it but to save magazine clippings. I think I will have to do that. It will beat trying to find that picture from a few weeks ago.

  2. When I get something new, I make outfits and sometimes take pics. But I just save them on my iPhone. I also do this if I shop my closet and find a combo I like. I have the Evernote app but have not used it yet. May need to try it out.

  3. Great idea, tcarey! I record my Monday-to-Friday outfits in a list -- actually an Excel spreadsheet with columns for top, bottom, layer, and accessories. Sometimes I add notes about what to try in future. I've found it very helpful.

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