I'm All Heated Up...

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  1. I'll be quick and to the point ~ I'm in menopause! Looking for suggestions on how to stay cool, ...even while dressed! Special undergarments? Fabrics other than cotton that don't heat you up? Manufacturers or websites you've used that cater to this "affliction"? ;o) I take Estrogen & Black Cohosh; helps some. Use snack bags w/ice on my wrist, to cool body temp. Battery operated fan in my purse. Heck, I even take extra time when selecting items in the Frozen Foods department ;o) (Trying to keep my sense of humor about this stage of life!)

  1. kmnystrom, try clothing made from bamboo. It is great for its wicking property. I found this website also, HotCoolWear.com, which was started for women going through menopause.

  2. Thank you, Cindy! I will check HotCoolWear out!

  3. I have a modal nightgown that is good when I sleep sweaty.

  4. Most athletic clothing is designed to wick and allow good airflow. Some brands are very stylish and can be dressed up a bit, especially the tops.

  5. JudyC, this is a great suggestion for the rest of us, too. Especially those (like me), who can get very sweaty pretty soon when it's hot outdoors.

    Speaking of which... Probably a coincidence, but I liked the way I look in my training pants, so I actually wore them today. With proper additions they just looked casual.

  6. I have a couple pairs of yoga-style training pants (boot-cut style) that drape so nicely that I often wear them around as regular pants. They seem to go from work-out to work to dressy just fine.

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