What is your uniform?

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  1. A question I could not answer when it came up before but now I know what mine is. Jeans, white tee shirt, black leather jacket, black backpack purse, black ankle boots. If I really can't figure out what to wear this will work for anything but workouts and religious services.

  1. Boot cut jeans, graphic t-shirt or blouse with an interesting neckline (I am a type D), cardigan, ballet flats or booties.

  2. Summer uniform = tank, shorts, and flip-flops. School??????? Depends on the day. I like to change things up.

  3. If you're talking work, it's a pair of dark pants with a blue polo shirt with the church logo. Blue or black loafers and minimal jewelry.

  4. Layers. I wear Coldwater Creek straight leg knit denim jeans (in different colors...dark blue wash, dark brown, light brown, gray, dark green, khaki). My first layer is usually a cami, a shell or s/s v-neck tee for summer, l/s tee for winter. Second layer for summer is a s/s blouse or shirt...for autumn, a l/s blouse...for winter, a casual jacket or vest. I love layers, and I really love jackets...casual shoes, a necklace and usually earrings. I don't own a dress or skirt. I do have a couple of dressier outfits and some casuals that I can dress up a bit.

  5. My uniform is either khaki or dark brown Carharrt work pants, brighter colored top, usually a henley style or a polo shirt and an oversize men's shirt as a cover jacket. Rubber irrigating boots, hat and gloves complete the outfit. Sunglasses are either on or in a front pocket and my reading glasses hang on a strap around my neck. Dark brown belt pouch with some tools and my cell phone and wallet on my left side hip and Leatherman tool and another tool on my right side hip and behind my hip hanging off my belt as well. Belt is a darker brown and really stiff because the tools are heavy and I need the stiffness to hold up well. My tool holsters are black, I can't find a dark brown leather for most of them so it's black or nothing. I'm tempted to take them to a local leather worker who makes gun holsters and see if he can make nice leather ones to fit but I don't have the cash for that sort of custom leatherwork right now. The one style thing I want to do this winter when I have time to sew again is to take all the oversize shirts I wear as jackets and hem the bottoms so they look more like a jacket and perhaps make one or 2 in lighter colors like a camel or khaki brown that are better for summer. I've got 2 jackets that I love that fit perfectly and are far more stylish that men's shirts but they are getting worn out. One is a bright coral and one is a bright blue. The blue isn't exactly the right color for me so I'm thinking of taking it apart and using it as a pattern to make several more in other colors like a lighter khaki, a dark brown and perhaps a light lemon yellow, pale purple or a bright red that are in my colors.

  6. Bermuda shorts with pockets, V-neck tee, flats, earrings.

  7. well, I wear scrubs and a stethoscope (nurse), but is this the uniform we are really talking about??

  8. think of it more as your "go to" look what do you mostly do outside work and what clothes would be suitable for that and then customize them to your body type and fashion preferences I prefer classic pieces mixed with a few trends, the jeans and tee and leather jacket are classics but I own 6 pair of short black boots plus a couple other pairs in other colors.

  9. I tend to wear on the bottom: black pants or dark blue jeans; top: v-neck pullover top (sleeveless, 3/4 length, or long-sleeved); 3rd piece: cardigan (sheer short-sleeved in summer to long-sleeved wool in winter) or just a statement jewelry piece or scarf, if it's too hot). I have many tops and cardigans in jewel-tones and black. Shoes: black ballet flats, black booties, baby pink ballet flats, black sandals and silver sandals. Purse: Black leather with silver metal. My jewelry is all silver-based. I have some other clothes, shoes, and purses, but these combinations take me almost anywhere.

  10. Black yoga pants with short sleeve v neck t shirt in a dark colour

  11. Black yoga pants with short sleeve v neck t shirt in a dark colour you say the verification doesn't match but with my eyes that is what I see

  12. Black yoga pants with short sleeve v neck t shirt in a dark colour you say the verification doesn't match but with my eyes that is what I see

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