Tunics and leggings for petites?

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if a tunic top with leggings is a good look for a petite (5'4"), body type B. I don't see tunics in the weekly style recommendations, so was wondering if it may not be a good look for me. I thought I would check before making a purchase. I see other people wearing the look and it looks fashionable and comfortable.

  1. I wear leggings frequently, and I'm 5'... definitely on the petite side. I think they look great with fuller, longer tops. I buy lighter weight ones at JJill for our hot Central Texas fall and a heavier pair from Chico's for winter. Go for it! I'm a type C.

  2. I think it works for a petite. Since you are a B you will want to pick one that has a bit of shape to show off your figure. Perhaps a belt even.

  3. I am 5'4 and about 20 pounds overweight. I LOVE my tunics and skinny pants, jeggings, etc. I don't have tall boots as they don't look good at all on me. Ankle boots yes! I don't wear leggings to work but go with the heavier fabrics, jeggings and skinny pants. I don't know why some people don't like jeggings, they are jeans with elastic waist! Mostly I have black, brown and gray bottoms and lots of brightly colored tops. I like them tunic length to cover tummy. I am 60. I am type A so I don't know about type B.

  4. I've been thinking about this too. Had only just got used to the idea that tops should hbe at high hip, and am now trying to adapt to tunics and jeggings (a long time after everyone else). I read that tunics should be at mid-thigh length.

  5. Posting a pic. Not leggings but super skinny jeans with a tunic. I usually wear it with wedges that elongate my legs, but my feet were hurting that day.


  6. I am also a petite B, and agree that we can wear this look successfully. However, I would make certain to buy petite tunics...sometimes it is tempting to buy regular sizes, but I think length is critical to pulling off this look.It can look way out of proportion to have a too long top. I have 3 petite tunic tops that are more tailored looking, because I don't think I can pull off the flowy kind...it adds at least 10 pounds n my frame and that's no good!!! And I agree with CatherineK above, a belt can be flattering or a tunic with a shape of some kind; for example, petite tunic tops with a drawstring waist works well. It is such a comfortable look...have fun with it and enjoy!!!

  7. Debra, love the colors of the tunic on you, and your jewelry! Also love the striped blazer look! Amy, your outfits sound amazing and I love how your hair turned out!

  8. I like my tunics to be crotch length. Long enough to cover my butt; mid thigh is OK for leggings but too lo g for skinny pants.

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