Being Thankful for the Clothes I Have

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  1. I really should shut up the griping and remember I at least have clothes to wear. 10 years ago today, Hurricane Katrina roared ashore in Mississippi. The storm surge was 25-30 feet in places. Many people here lost everything they owned. They came back to slabs, homes that were nothing more than piles of debris, having only the clothes on their backs and hopefully, their families intact. My husband and I were lucky. Our rental house took a hit with a small tornado. Clothes were damaged, but not destroyed, and after 3 months were able to move back into our house. Volunteers came, bringing food, water, clothing, and help. We can't thank these people enough. Renee

  1. So true and well said Renee.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Renee. Watching all of that happen on the news was hard enough...I can't imagine living through it.

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