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  1. Okay, so I wore the black tee I got on sale at Loft with the jean shorts I got on sale at Dillards with gold tee-strap flat sandals and earrings and bracelet I made. Felt cute all day. Here's my problem..... what to wear in HOT San Antonio at a conference! Will wear shorts and tank for traveling tomorrow and Saturday. I know what I'm wearing Friday; however, I have a 3 hour meeting Thursday (12-3) and a "soiree" Thursday evening. Guess I could wear my black striped maxi with flip flops, earrings, and bracelet. The soiree is VERY casual; LOTS of people will be wearing shorts. It's the Texas Choir Directors Association conference. MSP would be disappointed in me right now. I hate decisions!

  1. Catherine, I hate your suggestion about my chocolate jeans going to the thrift store...but you are right. I have a couple of pairs of capris that are a bit big too, and they're just hanging in my closet...unworn this year. And I have a pair of pajama bottoms that I occasionally wear at home (but not in the last 2 years). Sounds like I need a closet purge. You know, I purge regularly, but some things are hard to release. I need to do a more relentless purge and pare my closet down even more. I worked on it yesterday...guess I'll work on it again today.

  2. What I meant to say is the pajama bottoms are HUGE!

  3. Debra, your black tee and jean shorts and accessories sound so cute. And your black striped maxi sounds perfect for San Antonio. It really is hot there.

  4. Is there a danger that the AC will be cranked up? Layers could be essential! Good luck with the packing. And deanna, good luck with the purge...it's an ongoing battle! Today's outfit: brown linen bootcut slacks, metallic wedges, white cap-sleeve button-down, and a long faux gold chain necklace (with dangly bits all along the chain, it looks quite "boho"). I know cap-sleeves are a no-no in MSP's book, but sometimes they're easier to find than sleeveless, especially with button-downs (and a lot of the sleeveless blouses I've found have HUGE armholes and the body isn't fitted...). And I often find them more flattering than other types of above-the-elbow short sleeves. Mind you, I'm happy with my upper arms, which helps. ;-)

  5. If the conference is at the convention center, make sure you have a light sweater or jacket. That place can get cold. Are you going to hit the Riverwalk for some good food while you're there?

  6. Today's outfit: royal blue-and-white striped dress (fit-and-flare style with boatneck), accessorized with light brown gladiator flats, red skinny belt, white s/s cardi, and a red pendant necklace with a drawing of a tall ship. Going nautical!

  7. Ahoy matey, the nautical outfit sounds cute. The outfit the day before also good, but not in colours I would wear! (shocking eh!) As for cap sleeves if your arms look good than wear them! Deanna, we are here for you, try to purge. In your honour I went and cleared out a small stack of summer clothes that I haven't wore all summer and don't plan to because they don't match anything, don't fit nicely etc. There are 7 items in my stack and 8 in another pile of not sure. If I actually wear it from the not sure pile it can stay otherwise by mid August that pile goes too! So I challenge you all but especially Deanna, go find at least 7 pieces of clothing to remove from your life. Today is Hot, Hazy and Humid! The AC in my house is barely keeping up. I am wearing a pair of royal blue floral shorts that I just got on sale from Land's end and a yellow Vneck tshirt. I have bare feet and no jewellery! oops not so good for the rule of 3. I am going out this evening to a Fringe Festival play and will top this outfit with a statement necklace and bring along a royal blue cardigan for inside the cold theatre. Still have to figure out the shoes since we will likely have to stand in line for the better part of an hour!

  8. How was the play, Catherine? Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans with my favourite metallic wedge sandals, a long s/s tunic top in light turquoise that I got in India, and a long asymmetrical necklace. Next week I'm on vacation (cottage, so no stress over the clothing ;-) ...the most stylish thing I'm bringing is a wide-brimmed hat). See you guys in August!

  9. Have a great vacation wonderer! The play was very fun. I was so happy to have the sweater with me but I should have worn pants. So hot outside yet inside so cold. My daughter (20) actually complimented my outfit, and noted that I managed to buy it and put it all together without help (from her!). Today I am wearing the second pair of floral shorts I recently purchased (lands end again!). These are bermuda length. I have topped it with a hot pink V neck Tshirt. Finished it with silver daisy statement necklace and plain silver earrings. I wore nude sandals with a slight heel, now that I am home I am barefoot. Have a good weekend, we are off to the cottage/cabin! ahhh relaxation ahead.

  10. Catherine, I have 5 items in my stack for the thrift shop...need 2 more!! In other areas, I just gave away about 20+ pieces of Tupperware (some brand new) to my cousin for her DIL, along with a large food processor, a small food processor, a 4-slot toaster and more. So glad to see it go. I had a lot of duplicates because for 6 years we traveled half time in a motor home for DH's work. Also had a lot of duplicates in clothing. Have gotten rid of most of that...sold motor home and not traveling anymore. Also my size changed...went down several sizes 3-4 years ago. But I still have some hangers-on. However, I even took my baton from high school and college to the thrift shop! Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. Congrats Deanna!I am very proud of you! Today we have another extreme heat warning caused by the humidity. We have had this warning almost everyday for the last 3 weeks. Today I am wearing gingham shorts and a hot pink sleeveless golf shirt. I am working from home and with the exception of the mail carrier and the parcel delivery person no one but my family is going to see me today so I think I will just say this is good enough. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer (northern hemisphere) or winter (southern hemisphere).

  12. Good Friday morning! A long weekend is ahead of me... its called "civic holiday" in Manitoba, Canada. Which basically means its a day off just because its the middle of the summer and we needed an extra long weekend! I will be spending it at our cottage/cabin. Very casual. I will be wearing shorts and T shirts or tanks everyday. Thanks to MSP I will be trying to do with casual style since I have lots of guests at various times throughout the weekend. I have tried to make every outfit a 3 piece ensemble. Today I am working at home I have floral shorts, yellow tank, shiny navy belt, hoop earrings. i think I need a necklace but it would be hot!

  13. Deanna, well done! Catherine, sounds like you're getting most of the heat that usually plagues (or graces, depending on your preferences...) Ontario. Personally, I miss it. Send some our way? ;-) Civic holiday for us as well yesterday. Last week I spent in very casual clothes -- shorts, tanks, and t-shirts. Now it's back to office wear...light brown linen slacks, metallic wedges, multicoloured graphic shell, white s/s cardi. I meant to hit the end-of-summer sandal sales this weekend but didn't get there...wonder if there will be any sizes left this week or if the stores are already full of fall shoes.

  14. Me again! I went sandal shopping yesterday but no luck...ended up finding some casual shoes for DH instead. Oh well, he needed those too, and they were on sale. I'm trying to find a replacement for my metallic wedge sandals, which are good for just about everything -- pants, skirts, office, moderate walking...not hard to replace at all, I'm sure. ;-) Today's outfit: going simple with navy slacks, white cap-sleeve button-down, red flats, and a long faux gold necklace.

  15. Ran out of time this morning, so I grabbed the same pants, sandals, and cardi as Tuesday...oops! Switched out the top for a red blouson-style shell and a long asymmetrical necklace. Hope nobody notices. ;-)

  16. Wow, this forum is a ghost town this week! Hope that means you're all offline and busy with life in a good way. ;-) Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, gladiator flats, jade-and-white striped v-neck tee, long triple strand of faux pearls. Today has a weird mix of events: work (casual Friday), seeing friends, then going with DH to a custom menswear store where I will no doubt feel underdressed. Oh well! I was just thinking over my purchases this season and realized I've bought very few things, and none of them are basics -- they all have patterns and/or a punch of colour (those red flats). So that's top of the list for fall shopping. Also on my agenda: finding some new go-to stores, and keeping a lookout for fall-appropriate items that aren't too dark for my summer colouring!

  17. I work full time and go to school part time. This week I had a final exam in a course I have found quite challenging so I haven't been here. But now I have written the exam and have a few weeks of being free from courses to enjoy the summer. The weather here has been very rainy and not quite as hot, it should get to 27 C this afternoon. Today I am wearing the same old outfit as I keep going to all summer. I am working at home so skort and Tshirt does the trick. Good luck on your shopping W. I have come to the conclusion that I own too many clothes. So I am not shopping for a bit. Let's see how long this lasts. Before coming to that conclusion I did find two pairs of flats to transition into fall, one red pair and one nude/black combo. I came home and pulled two pairs that aren't comfy out to donate. I have set a donation bag beside my laundry bin. Right now as I put on my summer clothes on and roll my eyes and decide to change the item, instead of hanging it back in the closet I fold it and put it in the bag for donation. I deserve to have clothes that make me smile, not that makes me hate my body.

  18. Catherine, congrats on surviving your final exam! Great idea on the donation pile. Today's outfit: going monochrome with navy slacks and shell, red flats, white s/s cardi (it's been my go-to item this summer!), and a long faux gold necklace.

  19. Today I may have broken every MSP dressing rule but I didn't plan on going out until I realized I was out of dog meds and had to go the vets. I am on vacation sort of, well from work that gives me a pay cheque anyway! So today I am wearing beige shorts and hot pink sleeveless golf shirt. No jewellery, no shoes (black sports sandals when I walked over to the vets office), no make up, didn't do anything with my hair. Today I could win my way onto that TV show "What not to wear"! I won't be around for about a week as we take off to Alberta. I will be visiting with a friend who was my exchange partner 30 years ago! Off I go to pack, I am aiming at a capsule wardrobe... my husband said "no big suitcases"

  20. Have fun Catherine!!!

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