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  1. Hi forum - King of a funny topic for my first post but I seem to remember that MSP recommended a certain brand of underwear (Spanx?) and I'm just wondering if anyone else a) remembers MSP recommendations if any, and b) has any other recommendations for favourite brands. I live in Canada, but probably can find most of the same brands as in the U.S. Thanks! P.S. Primarily interested in brief/bikini style, not thongs.

  1. She usually recommends Soma Vanishing Edge, which prevents visible panty lines. Others have mentioned that Jockey brand also helps in that area.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Soma Vanishing Edge are amazing... but pricey. Target is now making a version as well, and are just as "vanishing" the only difference I have noticed, is that the ones from LTB (La Target Boutique) are made from a bit thicker/heavier weight fabric. Enjoy the savings!!

  4. I've finally taken the step and wear THONGS. The lacey top ones from Victoria's Secret are the most comfortable I've ever worn and they disappear under my clothes. When I'm working, I ALWAYS wear Spanx as well because I like keeping everything contained and smooth.

  5. I have some Jockey for Her that I just love, they're not shapewear per se but work nearly as well and I also have a spanx super high waist slimming panty type thing that that comes up to the bra. I use that when I want to make the full bore effort. I love the Spanx, but as I am an opposite (thin thighs, no hips, thick waist, big bust) to more "traditional" womens figure types (bigger hips and thigh, smaller waist, smaller bust) I have some problem with the fit-they're thisclose to being baggy on the bottom, but fit great through the waist and snooth things out perfectly. I have some Bali super duper lightweight briefs that are not shapewear but on super hot days they are a sanity saver! They're so lightweight you don't sweat at all. I can say I absolutely do not like Hanes of any kind. I've tried, but the cotton ones whether bikini or brief wiggle down the sides until they are hanging out the bottom of my shorts, and the support ones dig in at the legs and waist and make a dent in each. They do smooth out the stomach pooch but they don't look very good doing it.

  6. I was in Target today but wasn't able to find the underwear you were talking about, laoklebba. Any suggestions or help? Thanks.

  7. I tried the Soma vanishing edge MSP recommends and liked them. Ordered online and got a five for the price of two or three. I thought they were a pretty good price for the quality; plan on ordering these again. I feel more confident wearing them under slacks. For the first time I'm sure I'm not showing anything I don't want to show.

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