Where Can I Find Styles Appropriate for a Baby Boomer?

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  1. I am new to MSP. I am 64. A bit overweight but not grossly fat - a Body Type D (usually wear 1X). I guess I expected too much here. I was hoping MSP would find some clothes that were actually made for my age. Alas, all the blouses and dresses are sleeveless or short, cap sleeves. These pretty young models may have large arms, but they are still shapely and pretty. Their arms are not saggy and discolored. Where are the tops with sleeves that come at least to the elbow or just below.

  1. GG, unfortunately designers don't make clothes for real people. I've found some tops at Kohls that are short sleeved, but hit right above the elbow. JCPenney also has nice tops. I'm 66 so I know what you mean. Renee

  2. It's easier to find three-quarter sleeved or long sleeved tops in the spring or autumn. I try to buy them as soon as I see them. (And then wear them in any season).

  3. Hello GG! This is my first time posting to this board. Somehow I found the blog Fiftynotfrumpy.com through MSP's site. I follow the blogger, Susan, as she is just a few years older than me (I am 52, she is 58). Susan shows her real life outfits which are geared more towards mature women without looking too mature. She shops at places such as Chico's and JJill I have noticed. Susan does like high heels but will show alternate flats with her outfits as well. Check out her site, I think you will like it! Lisa

  4. Lisa, I checked out Susan's site that you recommended. Very nice. She's very stylish. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing the fiftynotfrumpy blog. It is very inspirational!

  6. Talbots has some clothes all ages can wear and have good sales. Also, try the on-line Coldwater Creek. They have good sales too and have non-frumpy but pretty clothes.

  7. You might try Talbots. (Classic styles. Wait for their sales! Certain stores have a women's (plus) section that has, a lot of variety. The stores also offer personal shoppers to help you put together outfits. Talbots' staff is always friendly and helpful. Following the MSP principles of dressing, I've splurged for some key wardrobe pieces at Talbots, and they've really paid off.

  8. Talbots is my absolute favorite place to shop. I never pay retail. I always wait for the sales and they are often. Great service, friendly, helpful people!! Liz

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