Top with Full Skirts?

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  1. Hello! In the Big Spring Preview, one of the trends presented was Full Skirts. And we are advised to wear them with tucked-in shirts. What about the short-waisted? I'm a type B, with large bust and large hips, and a bit of tummy. When I tuck-in my shirts and tops, it looks very weird since I am so short-waisted... Any advice? Ideas? Thanks! Deb

  1. Hi lapdeb77, I also am a short-waisted B with a tummy. And I have worn the fuller skirts with a tucked-in top; but the top is always a wardrobe basic...a very simple style and color, like a black tank top. However, I ALWAYS also wear a shrug or short cardigan on top (a regular length cardigan would really throw off the proportions). For some reason, a cropped cardigan really helps balance the look for me. As always, you may have to play around with the proportions to make it right for your build. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I will definitely try with a cropped cardigan! :-)

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