5 Minute Fast Outfits

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  1. color - teal jeans print - print sleeveless top basic - tan flyaway shrug shoe - leopard flipflops Loved this idea! Thank you, Leslie!


  1. color - navy; print - red, white & blue scarf; basic - Bermuda jean shorts; shoe - black flipflop.


  2. Looking great, hyeatman! Glad the article was so helpful.

  3. Wow! Outfits look great hyeatman.

  4. Thanks. Here's another one! Color - sea green. Print - striped skirt. Basic - black shrug. Shoes - black flipflops. (Banged my little toe last week and can't wear anything but flipflops. I'd normally wear other shoes with some of these outfits.) Anyone know how to make my photos vertical???


  5. Cute, cute, cute, hyeatman! To answer your question.....when I use my phone to take a pic, I have to email it to myself, download/save to my pictures. Then I have the option of turning the picture. Hope that helps. Debra

  6. Thank you, DebraJ! Leslie has really made a difference with all of her good advice. When I first subscribed, I was a middle-aged mother of a young daughter. I didn't have much of a clothing budget, and was wearing shapeless, baggy clothes. Unfortunately, I keep gaining weight. But I look much better than I used to!

  7. Thanks for sharing hyeatman. Your outfits are great examples of MSP's advice and seeing them in photos really makes them easy to comprehend. I love your sea green top and chevron maxi skirt combo. Hope the toe feels better real soon. I'm going on my first overseas holiday soon and I'll be trying to use this formula to save overpacking and wasting time thinking what to wear. I've even made up a spreadsheet basedon MSP's planner with outfit ideas to help me pack. I will have photos to share of how I went when I get back hopefully.

  8. A fast work outfit for me is pants, polo shirt with church logo, and loafers. If I'm in a hurry, less is more. I don't have time to do more than grab a pair of pants and a shirt/top. If people don't like what I'm wearing, that's their problem, not mine. I have enough problems of my own when it comes to clothes. Renee

  9. hyeatman, your outfits are adorable! You look great! And, LisaFromOz, I am doing the same. I am packing this week for a trip to the mountains and am using MSP's technique. This was one of my favorite articles from her...very, very helpful.

  10. Awesome outfits! I love the chevron skirt with the green top. You are nailing the advice. Thanks for sharing, it is so helpful to see pictures of what other people are doing.

  11. hy, I also love the chevron maxi skirt and sea green shirt. Lisa and tcarey, hope y'all have great holidays. Have fun packing and choosing ????

  12. Glad you-all liked my teal top with chevron skirt. My husband rarely remarks on my clothes, but he said I looked nice in that, too. :) Thank you for the kind and supportive words! Can't wait to see the travel pictures.

  13. Getting ready to head to a conference a couple of hours away in steamy San Antonio. 100+ temps this week so NO jackets or scarves. lol! Will play with these ideas this afternoon. I'm kind of one of those "throw it in the suitcase" types. Will try to put a little more thought into it today.

  14. hyeatman, you have some great ideas in your pictures that I think I could use for my job as an elementary librarian, especially the chevron skirt. Once I get going I'll post some of my pics. I think seeing the outfits on a real person really helps. ~Mary D.

  15. Color - blue Basic - sleeveless t-shirt Print - indigo & gray chain print shorts Shoes - silver sandals

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